Monday, August 27, 2012

Kindergarten Favorites

I did it again! And got a little better, if I do say so myself. Last year, I made this, inspired from Pinterest. This year, with Logan going into Kindergarten, I did it again. But this time I used PicMonkey, which was way easier than Fotoflexer (that I used last year). 

I can't believe he has gotten so big, but I know I am going to love looking back at these someday.

I also made a chalkboard sign (out of canvas I already had) to use every year (wish I had it last year). The shiny parts are silhouette letters mod-podged on and the other parts are chalkboard that I can erase and change the grade and career every year.

This year (or this day, more realistically), he wanted to be "Daddy's baseball helper," which was new to me since all he has been talking about lately was being an astronaut. Whatever, kid.

He had a great first day, loved his teacher, LOVED centers, and stayed on green all day. I can't believe he is actually IN kindergarten but I can't wait to see what all he learns this year.

At the age of 5 you:

  • are working on counting to 100 (you just have trouble with going from 29-30, 39-40, etc.)
  • know all of your letters and sounds
  • still love Scooby Doo and Magic School Bus, but now have added Super Hero Squad and Phineas & Ferb to the mix
  • still love your Leapster Explorer but love playing Wii as well (and are very good at both)
  • are best friends with Reagan
  • are in the same class as your friend, Noah
  • have Mrs. Knotts as your kindergarten teacher at Shady Grove Elementary
  • love going to Target to look at the toys
  • want to go to Disneyworld REALLY bad
  • love drawing rollercoasters
  • love playing dinosaurs and know a lot of their names
  • seem to love anything scientific
  • loved going to the USS Lexington ("the museum boat") this summer
  • loved going to NRH2O this summer (almost every week)
  • are on the Red Hots soccer team with Noah
  • weigh 41 lbs and are 44 inches tall
  • size 13 shoe
  • size 5/6 tops and 6 Slim pants (big, but need the length)
I hope you have a wonderful year in Kindergarten! I hope you still give me lots of hugs and kisses and never stop being my little boy. We love you more than you will ever know.

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