Friday, June 8, 2012

Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone

I am really hoping someone out there will validate that this is a normal phase, that I am not alone, that this too shall pass, that it is okay to be *this* frustrated with your own child. Let me explain.

Lately, Logan has been exceptionally greedy and seemingly ungrateful. Now, I am not sure he is meaning to be this way, he is just now learning what those words really mean, but it is really getting on my last nerve. Whenever we go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, whether it is something he wants to do or an errand we need to do, as soon as we leave he asks where we are going next. Now, I understand this when we are doing boring errands, but when he asks after leaving one of his fun activities, I want to lose it.

Take this morning for example. We went to see a movie with friends and then went to lunch with them, the kids played on the playground, and we had cupcakes for one of the kids' birthdays. Fun day, right? As soon as we leave, and I mean, we weren't even out of the restaurant, he asked what the rest of our plans were. I told him nothing and he got mad. I explained to him that we had a busy morning and that now is time to go home and rest. He argued that it wasn't busy, it was only 2 things. I told him that I didn't have to take him to do anything, so he was lucky and should be grateful, etc. He continued the whole way home, this time wanting to go to McDonalds (even though we just ate lunch). I told him if he said one more word about it, he would go to his room for the rest of the afternoon. So he continued to mutter under his breath, I couldn't quite hear him but I heard Chuck E. Cheese mentioned so I know he was still talking about going other places, but purposely staying out of earshot. I chose to ignore him, which worked for the moment. We had to run one more errand and when we left that place, he asked if we could go to a park or if we could do something else. I told him yes, he could go to his room the rest of the afternoon. He began to spit his tongue out and make ugly sounds, which I chose to ignore (until we got home). When we got home, he went straight to his room. Now, he has books and a couple toys in his room, and I don't mind him playing in there, I just needed him away from me for the time being. Am I overreacting to this? Is this a normal stage? This is not the only time we have had this discussion, it happens every time we go anywhere (or don't go anywhere).

Same thing with toys. The other day we were out with my dad, who, yes, spoils Logan. That's what grandpas do. I understand that. But when Logan starts talking about getting a toy as soon as T-Luv (yes, that's what Logan calls him...long story), that is not okay. That is greedy and rude. He should not be expecting to get anything from anyone unless it is food, water, or shelter. Everything else is a bonus. He kept on, whining and throwing a mini-fit, and I finally lost it when he threw a stuffed animal and it hit me in the side of the face while I was driving. He knows that is a big no-no (throwing anything in the car, much less toward me) so I quickly turned off the road we were on and pulled over, yanked him out of the car, and spanked him. That quieted him temporarily but the attitude continued even when we got to the restaurant (I know, I should have just taken my dad back home and gone home ourselves). But when he decided to eat, his attitude got better. This kid is highly affected by food, I mean, he turns on a dime once he eats. I think I have discussed this before. So then I feel bad for reacting the way I did, but nonetheless, he shouldn't act that way...he is getting old enough to control himself (at least I hope this is something he can control). So after he ate, his attitude did turn around a little, but it was still a rough day.

But that's a common occurrence with the toy (or book or shirt or anything) thing. He is constantly wanting more, more, more and he doesn't even play with all that he has (which I know is too much). Please tell me this is normal and my child isn't just being the most greedy child on earth. We talk about greediness a lot and how he should be so thankful for all that he has and for all the people that love him. But I just get really frustrated when he acts that way, but then I stop and remember that he's only 5. Am I expecting too much? I am thinking about starting some sort of marble jar or something where he can put in/take away marbles when he is acting inappropriately and when it is full, he gets a special treat. Has anyone done anything to successfully curb this kind of behavior before? Any ideas or suggestions? Or even just a reassurance that this is all normal?? Anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, June 7, 2012


**I just found this is my drafts folder from back in September, not sure why I never published it**

Logan generally cracks me up on a daily basis...wears me out, but cracks me up nonetheless. I have been thinking that I need to write more stuff down, and I figure now is as good a time as any. And I also understand that these things might not be funny to other people and that I am sure I am biased toward my own child...but in the moment, coupled with Logan's attitude/facial expressions/gestures, these things are pretty funny.

To Chris last night: (whispering) "I have a sweecwet (secret--I love how he says this). I hate this town. There's not enough room for the both of us."
*he is testing us on the use of the word 'hate' lately. He knows we don't like it, so he's seeing what he can get away with. But...there's not enough room for the both of us??? Where did that come from? 

Just this morning: "Do you want to go somewhere today? Maybe to the park and then QT to get gas and a slurpee?" 
*sly little kid...too bad we got gas yesterday. Nice try.

As I was turning his suggestion down for a slurpee yesterday (yes, this is a common conversation) due to lack of cash, our conversation went something like this:
Logan: Can we please get a slurpee?
Me: Not today. I don't have any cash.
Logan: Well we could get some. I have enough in my lion bank.
Me: No you don't. Daddy works hard for our money so we have to save it.
Logan: Well, get a job. Or we could just go to the bank today.
Me: You are my job. So maybe you should get a job and pay me.
Logan: I never get money for my jobs.
Me: What jobs do you do?
Logan: You know, riding my scooter, digging in the garden...
*maybe it's time to start coming up with a chore chart for him...

"I don't even get it..." (with hand on forehead, shaking his head)  
*In response to anything he doesn't understand

"Hey, babycakes." *while slapping my cheeks with both hands

I know there are more, and that's probably why this was still in the draft folder, but it's all I got for now. 

Freezer Cooking!

My sister Heather and I have talked about freezer cooking for a long time. We used to do it with a group of girls at a Dinner Station place, but it got to be more of a pain because it was so far away (Highland Village) for us and coming up with a time that worked for everyone was hard. So we got out of the habit but have continued to discuss it, just not do anything about it other than pin a bunch of recipes that look good (because isn't that what we all do?).

Well, now we are getting ready to go out of town on a girl's trip (yay!!) so we are trying to save money by eating out less but also have some meals ready for our families to eat while we are out of town. Heather was off work today so we each picked 3 meals to make and went to the store to get the ingredients. We each spent about $50 and came out of it with 7 meals a piece! We cranked down the A/C in my house and entertained Logan with a movie from the library and we were done in about 2 hours. We will definitely be doing it again and maybe adding another meal or two since it was so easy.

Here is what we made:

Unstuffed Shells

Chicken Broccoli Rice (I've made this before--it's excellent)

Spicy Sausage and Pepper Penne

Cranberry BBQ Chicken

Hawaiian Kielbasa

IKEA Swedish Meatballs (there was no picture for this one)

And here is what our haul looked like when we were done!

So excited to have meals ready to go! And there will still be plenty of leftovers for lunches, etc.