Sunday, February 28, 2010

He is his mother's son

So Monday, February 15th 2010 is a day that I will probably bring up to Logan for years to come. We had just finished eating dinner and I was cleaning up the dishes and Chris was playing with Logan at the table. Something about pulling Chris' finger and Logan letting go, etc.--giggles all around. Next thing I know, Logan pulls his finger and lets go with force and falls backward off the pub-height chair onto the tile floor. Now I didn't "see" him fall but I heard the impact and looked at Logan and he looked stunned and then the tears came. Chris picked him up and tried to calm him down and convince him to breathe (Logan tends to forget to do that when he freaks out) and took him to the couch. When Logan regained his breathing abilities he wanted me immediately. Chris got him ice and he layed on me and actually let me put ice on his head (duh--should have been clue #1). Of course he was still crying and obviously in pain, but I couldn't tell if he had a bump or just a bumpy head so we weren't freaking out. After a little while we started trying to engage him in conversation to make sure he was okay. I asked him what show we were watching (Yo Gabba Gabba--which he knows) and he was unable to spit out the words--almost as if he was speaking gibberish or something (should have been clue #2). But after a couple minutes he was able to tell us so we still weren't freaking out. For the rest of the night he just wanted to lay on the couch but he was talking to us and not crying anymore so we figured all was good. He went to bed as normal.

The next day I took him to the sitter and told her about his head and for her to let me know if she notices anything strange. She didn't call me that day but she called Wednesday to tell me he was complaining of his head hurting when he was jumping on their mini trampoline. I decided to call the doctor just to make sure all was okay. They got us in immediately to do a neuro check. At this point, I was feeling horrible--why didn't we take him Monday night or at least Tuesday? What if there is something wrong and we didn't do anything about it and now it's too late?? And Chris wasn't so great either, he was blaming himself since he was the one that caused the fall. Anyway, doctor's visit checked out fine. Pupils-fine, motor skills-fine, mild concussion-yes. Just have to watch him and make sure he doesn't jar his head anymore (aka--no more trampoline for a while).

Thursday is normal--even went to gymnastics with Chris (probably not the best idea, looking back on it) but they did leave early because Logan was complaining of his head hurting. He came home, I gave him some Tylenol and he ate and went to bed.

Next morning I am getting him ready to leave and I put his hoodie on his head and feel a mushy spot on his head and realize it's taken over the right side of his skull. Now I'm freaking out. For some reason, I still sent him with Chris to go to the sitter (what was I thinking??) thinking I'll call the doctor but they don't open til 8:30 anyway so I can at least get to work on time and then leave. Big dummy. I call Chris and tell him to bring him back. I took him to school with me and did my morning duty and then took him to the doctor at 8:30. No call, just showed up when they opened. Of course they got us right in and the nurse practitioner that we saw on Wednesday saw us that day. She felt the mushiness asked some questions and decided he needed a skull series (x-rays) but called Dr. Robert in to make sure he didn't need anything else. I, of course, got a little emotional hoping there wasn't anything else wrong. Luckily, the x-rays didn't show any fractures and they didn't feel the need for a CT scan so we just have to watch him to make sure he doesn't hit his head again while he has the mushiness, which by the way was a rather large hematoma according to the doctor. The hematoma (fluid under the skin) could last 2 weeks to 2 months. My poor child.

Almost exactly 2 weeks later and the mushiness is almost all gone, thank heavens. He still says it hurts occasionally but the child LOVES medicine so I have a hard time knowing if he's saying it just to get medicine.

That was my first real Mommy scare--sure, he's had other small things happen but nothing this major. I'm sure it won't be his last, but head injuries are really scary. I feel like I can almost breathe again. Now we're just waiting on his chipped/damaged tooth (from Christmas) to abscess so the dentist can extract it--yep, that's the latest injury...will it ever end?? Probably not, he is a boy and he apparently inherited my grace.

Dang it!

So that is Logan's newest word--"Dang it!" I know there are far worse things he could say, but I really don't want my 2 year old running around saying it. When I first realized that's what he was saying, he told me Daddy says it. Chris then told me he heard it from TV--I don't hear "dang it" very often on TV--especially on Nick Jr., which is pretty much what TV consists of right now. Anywho, I told Logan he should say "Oh, man!" instead if he gets angry/frustrated (which is a lot these days) and now I hear that all the time, which gets REALLY old. Every once in a while he'll slip a "dang it" in there to see if I'm listening and all I have to do is shoot him "the eye" and he promptly corrects himself with "oh, man!"

Now we really have to watch our mouths--not only does he repeat but he uses it in the right context as well, which is a whole different ball game. I don't cuss (except "crap"--gotta watch that one) and Chris rarely does, at least around us, so it shouldn't be too hard. It's the extended family (namely my brother) that we are going to have to watch, although they find it to be hilarious when Logan repeats--"Bone Daddy's, woo!" is the most recent one. We're in trouble.