Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Pinterest Craft Weekend

Last weekend was our Christmas Pinterest Craft Weekend, we had one back in the fall as well for fall crafts. We went to my aunt's house on the lake in Corsicana. It was great weather for sitting on her screened in porch and eating yummy Pinterest food. We made so many crafts and so much food, it was unreal. It helps when the other girls are way craftier than I am and have a TON of supplies. I am not kidding when I say we could have easily had our own craft store, and we basically did. I would not have been able to make all these things without everyone's creative help and supplies, but it also helped that there were no kids (except one very good baby girl) or husbands to distract us. Here is what I made:

Candy Cane Felt Wreath
 I love felt wreaths. This was originally supposed to be my sister's but she was nice enough to let me make one for myself. This will hang on my front door.

Peppermint Wreath
 This took quite a bit of time and ALOT of peppermints. And hot glue. We learned that you really have to glue them on well or they will keep falling off. I sprayed it multiple times with polyurethane spray so I am hoping it will keep for more than a year. This will hang inside for sure. 

Pocket Advent Calendar
 This took the longest by far, but is soooo worth it. Each pocket was individually embellished and we made tags with different activities for each day of December on the front and Bible verses telling the Christmas story on the back. I can't wait to put it out after Thanksgiving. 

Fruit of the Spirit Painting
When I saw these paintings on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to attempt to make them. I am not an artist and it was a group effort to get started but it was easy after that. I thought they were so cute and very fitting for gifts for Logan's MDO teachers since it's the school's theme for the year. I kept one for myself as well. I am even getting a couple of requests to make them for others.

"Believe" Garland
 This was a quick project, although my sister's turned out cuter but she is also way more crafty than me. I had bought these envelopes to use for my advent calendar but they ended up being too small so we re-purposed them for a garland to hang on the mantle by stringing it with jute.

Peppermint Wreath II
I did not make this one, but luckily got to take it home with me. I like it better than the one I made, but this one was made with the spherical peppermints and Brittaney took a lot of time with it, individually placing each peppermint. It is VERY heavy but SO cute.
Everyone's Loot
This is a picture of everything everyone made, although there were some more peppermint wreaths and pumpkin pictures that didn't make it in the shot.

It was such a fun weekend. We had a blast and laughed hard, stayed up late, and ate way too much. Can't wait til our next one, probably in late January or early February.