Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

Round 2, here we go. Obviously round 1 didn't work, so we're back to square one. I had my day 2 sonogram today to make sure there weren't any cysts (there weren't), so I am good to go to start the next cycle of drugs starting tomorrow. We are going to do the same exact drugs we did last time since they worked well with my body, just hoping for different, more positive, results this time.

*Start 150 mg Clomid and 1 mg Dexamethasone tomorrow (day 3)
*Brevelle injections on day 5, 7, & 9
**Day 12 sonogram~March 10th
*Trigger shot~day 13 or 14 most likely
**IUI~March 12 or 13th most likely
*HPT~March 26th

I am hopeful this cycle works. So many friends I know have had their IUI work on the 2nd try. What is really kind of weird about this cycle is that if it works, based on the start of this cycle being yesterday, my due date would be December 4th...which is my mom's birthday (she died in 1990). How cool would that be? Even if the baby is not born on that day, just knowing that that is the original due date makes me think that she is looking down and wishing for this baby right along with me. Maybe that is a sign that it's going to work this month!! I am definitely more relaxed this round because I know what I am doing so I just hope that it all just works! Thanks for all of your support, prayers, and thoughts.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The LONGEST Two Weeks of My Life

You know, before I knew I was pregnant with Logan, I had NO clue what was going on with my body. I was so clueless about pregnancy symptoms that when we were getting ready to go out one night, I had trouble getting my skirt on because I was super bloated, but I blamed it on my should-be-here-any-day-now period. When I specifically wanted to go to Razoo's so I could have Crawfish Etoufee and a Dr. Pepper, I didn't think twice. When I wanted to go to a movie just so I could have buttered popcorn, nothing. When I fell asleep 30 minutes into said movie--still clueless. All this happened on the same night, but the thought of pregnancy didn't even cross my mind. We hadn't been trying (but hadn't been preventing either) so it just wasn't even on my radar. And I couldn't have been more than 4 weeks along.

This time. THIS TIME. I know too much. I know I had 4 follicles, took a trigger shot on day 13, had the IUI on day 14. I know all the symptoms to be on the lookout for and boy, am I on the lookout. Here are my symptoms that I have had so far:
  • twinges in my lower ovary regions occasionally
  • excessively thirsty
  • mild backaches
  • face rash (no clue if this is in any way related)
  • bloating
  • headaches
  • light cramping
  • frequent urination (like getting up multiple times at night, which I never do)
  • mild nausea
  • mild indigestion
  • tired (but I have also been fighting a cold, so it could just be that)
  • super hungry (which is weird for me b/c I rarely get hungry anymore) 
  • mild cravings (buttered noodles, hot tamales, Wingstop--garlic parmesan and orginal hot and their excellent fries-YUM!)
I know all of this could be PMS as well, I realize how stupid I sound and how overly analytical I am being. I know I am going to be super disappointed if I start my period or my test comes back negative, so I am putting off testing for as long as I can stand it. Everyone has been asking how I am feeling and I don't quite know what to say. Am I "feeling" pregnant? No, but do you feel pregnant 3 1/2 weeks in? Do I have symptoms? Sure, but they are similar to PMS symptoms plus I had the HCG shot that probably contributes.

4 more days, 4 more days. Then I will either be screaming from the rooftops or crying and depressed, holed up in my room.

Thanks for everyone's continued thoughts and prayers. It has been so nice to be able to talk about it and not keep it to myself. I think that would make this wait so much harder, if that's even possible.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh, Ridiculous Valentine's Day

This is not meant to offend or poke fun at people who do enjoy Valentine's Day, but I am just not into it. Call me crazy, but I would much rather receive a gift/card/flowers (although I think flowers are kind of a waste of money) any other day of the year instead of on the one day of the year it is dictated. It is so random. I know my husband loves me. I know my son loves me. I know I love them. We show each other every day. I do not need a gift to prove it, nor do I feel the need to give one. So we don't. It's just another day. Everyone is posting pictures of their gifts on Facebook and that's all well and good for them, but really, isn't everyone doing that so that everyone else knows that their significant other did something for them? I mean, I get that everyone likes to show off their loot, but I just get so much more out of a spontaneous gift on a random, out of the blue, day. Not that that happens very often, but I still know my husband loves me.

I know he loves me because he works ridiculously, tirelessly hard at multiple jobs so that I am able to stay home with Logan. I know he loves me because he takes Logan with him when I need a break, which I know is extra work for him. I know he loves me because he kisses my forehead every morning when he leaves for work. I know he loves me because he makes me coffee every morning, even though I rarely get a chance to drink it. I know he loves me because he is supportive of everything I do and trusts me implicitly with Logan. I know he loves me because he is currently standing in a long line at Papa Murphy's with Logan (I needed a break) to get a heart-shaped pizza and s'mores pizza (we had a coupon). But I don't need a material gift or an expensive dinner at a crowded restaurant on a Hallmark holiday to further prove it.

The Dreaded 2 Week Wait

So we went in early Saturday morning for the IUI and I was a nervous wreck. I had been nervous since Thursday and just ready to get it done. I was so worried that the follicles would disappear or something--as silly as it sounds, I was afraid to sleep on my stomach just in case that could cause them to get smushed. I know, go ahead and laugh.

Saturday morning Chris and I got up and left to head to Las Colinas to be there by 8 am. My aunt offered to keep Logan for us that weekend, which ended up being an awesome help since we didn't have to worry about getting him up and taken care of. We left around 7:30. Normally, no problem on a weekend. But today, of course, they had 114 shut down and we were not aware of it until it was too late. Luckily, Chris knows every back road and was able to get us there only about 15 minutes late, which normally isn't a big deal, but we were in a time crunch since we had a time-sensitive sample that needed to be received within an hour. But we made it in time. After we dropped that off, we headed to eat breakfast and walked around Target until my appointment at 9:45. We get back to the office, sign in, and wait. Usually I am alone at the doctor for sonograms, etc., so Chris got to see me nervous. Leg shaking, heart pounding, the whole works. When we got back to the room and were waiting for the doctor, we killed time by texting my sister and aunt and it was so much better to be there with someone else so I wasn't just in the room by myself riddled with anxiety. I was actually laughing and relaxed.

Dr. Haas came in and I asked if he was going to do a sonogram first to make sure the follicles were still the right size, but he said no. I thought that was weird, but he said since I was just there 2 days ago, that they would still be fine. I hope he was right. I would have felt better if I could have seen it again, but I guess he knows what he is doing. The procedure did not go awesomely. I had been told it was painless and quick, easier than a pap smear. But I apparently have a funny-shaped or weirdly-positioned cervix, which made it hard for him to get the catheter past it and into the uterus. It took a couple tries, a different catheter, and a lot longer than normal. And more painful...a lot more. Once it was done, they elevated my hips and I had to lay there for 15 minutes. While laying there, Chris and I enjoyed their music that was playing on the speaker. We don't know if it's planned this way or what, but I swear they played "Bust a Move" and a couple other sex-type songs, which was cracking us up. The nurse came in to tell us we could go but I would have been willing to lay there the rest of the day if I needed to, but she assured me 15 minutes was plenty. I could resume normal activities.

Except I really couldn't. I was hurting. I was sore from the procedure and bloated (I guess from the mature follicles). I took advantage of not having Logan and went home and spent the rest of the day in bed. I was still not 100% on Sunday, so I rested that day as well. After that, I have been fine.

Today I have been having some twinges in my uterus/ovary area (on both sides), which I am hoping is a good thing, but I am trying not to read too much into it. I have to wait at least another week before I can even take a test because the trigger shot would still be in my system and would give me a false positive. Ugh. It's going to be a long wait. If I don't start my cycle by the 25th, he told me to take a pregnancy test (ha, like I am waiting until then) and then call them and I will go in for bloodwork to confirm.

So...exciting stuff. Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers. Everyone has been so supportive and it has meant the world to me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Worked!!

So I went in today for a sonogram to check to see if there were any mature follicles. It is CD 12. I was not hopeful...I hadn't been feeling any different, no bloating, nothing, so I figured the medicine just didn't work and I would have to do more shots and come back next week. I was just preparing myself.

But right off the bat, he found 2 eggs ready and 2 more getting close!! I have never had more than 1 egg and even then it's not usually mature enough or it gets too big and turns into a cyst. So obviously, I respond well to the Clomid, Brevelle, and Dexamethasone combo. I was holding back tears and in disbelief that it actually worked. My body actually responded. Don't worry, the chances of all of them taking are slim to none, but I wouldn't be against twins...

Tomorrow I will give myself the trigger HCG shot to induce ovulation and then we will go back to the doctor bright and early Saturday morning for the IUI. I am beside myself right now with excitement, even though I know there is a chance it still might not work, but man, what if it does???

I know this is personal and doesn't really matter to anyone but me and my family but I enjoy sharing and writing it all out, it makes me feel better. I know that when people know what's going on, sometimes that feels like more pressure, but for me it feels like more people care and can be praying/thinking/hoping right along with me. And then if it doesn't work, I have a support system to rely on. Win-win.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay, so Monday (Jan. 30) was CD (cycle day) 2 so I went in for my sono and everything looked good so he sent me off with my presciptions to fill and start the following day. So to put my mind at ease, I am writing it all down to keep it straight in my head and for documentation (and if any of y'all care):

CD 3-7~150 mg Clomid
CD 3-12~1 mg Dexamethasone
CD 5, 7, 9~Brevelle injections (75 IU)
Daily~Metformin, Prozac, Synthroid

I am scheduled to go back on CD 12 (Thurs. Feb. 9) for a follicle check sonogram to see how/if they are progressing. If they are looking good (which I am doubtful of since they never have before) then we will do a trigger shot to induce ovulation and schedule the IUI for Friday or Saturday. If they are not ready, then I will probably do another round of injections and come back early the next week to do a re-check and go from there. My hope is that my eggs/follicles do something rather than nothing, but I don't want them to go overboard where there is hyperstimulation or cysts and the whole cycle has to be cancelled until the next month. That's been my worry this whole time since I have never tried these medications/dosages before.

Since starting the Clomid and Dexamethasone, I haven't really noticed any side effects, which worries me a little because I wonder if it's working. I started the injections today and within 2 hours was in a full blown sweat while working at the preschool. Talk about a hot flash! All day long. I kept asking if my co-teacher was hot and of course, she never was. My belly is not sore at the injection site yet but I am expecting it. I am also expecting bloating since my ovaries will hopefully be filling up with eggs.

So, let's all think happy thoughts and make these ovaries do their job. : -)