Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, we moved in Thursday (hiring movers, by the way, was the best money we ever spent) and it has been nonstop ever since. We don't have internet or cable at the house yet so I haven't been able to check my email, etc. since Friday at work and this week I am on Spring Break so I can't even check it at work...I never knew how dependent I was on the computer until this week. What do I do when I am bored? There's no decent TV to watch since we only have the basic stations (with the help of rabbit ears). Thankfully Logan has been content to watch "Melmo" (Elmo) or Pooh DVD's CONSTANTLY. So now we are at my dad's house catching up on internet stuff. Logan is happily putting all of Ryan's CD's in Ralph's/Rico's/Kallie's office and pushing all the buttons on the computer (yes, Ryan, we are in your room...couldn't get Dad's computer to work).

We had to leave the house...the roofers were there to replace the roof and it was NOISY! It sounded like a herd of buffalo (or "lulo" as Logan says) were running around on my roof. Besides, I have some more shopping to do. I need to buy some more organizational stuff for the kitchen and look for an outfit for Logan to wear for his pictures this Saturday.

We went to the zoo yesterday with Jess, Tarah, & all the kids...we felt like the Big Love sister wives and all the kids...pretty funny. The kids had fun, though...Logan was entranced by the monkeys (of course) but he didn't like it when they ran around like crazy and he didn't like the big gorilla one bit...he had a death grip on my shirt. He passed out before we got out of the parking lot, slept the whole way home and then for 2 1/2 more hours once we got home...it was nice. But did I do anything productive with that free time...nope...took a nap myself.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Countdown to Wednesday...

So, supposedly we are set to close Wednesday afternoon...we'll see if that comes to fruition. In the meantime, time is standing still (or so it seems). So what do I do the kill the time? Shop, of course. But I have found some killer deals! We just went and picked up this table that I bought yesterday. It was damaged so it was marked 75% off! It's on the underside of the table that no one looks at and Chris can fix it where you probably couldn't tell anyway. I love deals like that. I also bought Logan's big boy bedding. It was on sale at Target and exactly what I wanted so I couldn't resist. He won't use it for a while seeing as we don't have a twin bed for him yet (other than his crib--which he is still perfectly content in) but I knew if I didn't get it now they wouldn't have it when I was ready for it. I also bought a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom (on clearance) and some new makeup at Clinique (so I could get their free gift, of course).

There are still a ton of items I want/need for the new house:
  • new chairs for the new dining room table
  • round table and chairs for breakfast nook **need
  • rug for dining room and playroom **need the rug for playroom
  • new coffee table and end tables
  • new bedside tables
  • new dishes
  • new appliances
  • new towels/bathrugs
  • patio set (we have a nice-sized covered patio now)
Now, I only need the table and chairs for the breakfast nook. The one we have now won't fit. All the other stuff is just stuff that I really want b/c it's a new house and I want to change the style up a bit. I am over the rustic stuff that I had. Craigslist is going to get a ton of listings from us once we move and get everything out of storage. Then I can use that money to buy all new stuff, right? :)

On another note, the font on this blog keeps changing...can anyone help me figure out how to make it the same every time? And make it cuter? I am talking to you, Tarah...Heather's is pretty cute and she alluded to the fact that you helped her. Correct me if I am wrong.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I never thought I would say this...

but I miss grocery shopping. I spent half a day Sunday cutting out coupons from that day's paper and ones that my grandmother had been saving up for me. My coupon organizer is full and I am anxious to use them. Our new house is very convenient to both a Kroger and a Tom Thumb, which wasn't the case in my last house. I am super-excited about that...how sad am I? Hopefully within about a week's time I will be able to do the grocery shopping I have been missing for going on 6 weeks.

On other news, we are on night 3 of no pacifier...it hasn't been nearly as hard as I was expecting. He takes his naps at Nikia's house without it...he asks for it, but she tells him he doesn't need it and he goes to sleep. Last night he cried for a pretty long time, though. Chris went in there to soothe him and ended up falling asleep before Logan did (go figure) but he did fall asleep eventually. Tonight he cried off and on for about 20 minutes, but now it is silent...so I assume he's asleep. Last time I did that, though, he was in there reaching through his crib rails to the nightstand next to the crib and pulling out everything from the little drawer and having a grand old time. But that is now out of his reach so I think we are good.

I picked him up after school today and told him we were going to the park. He got so excited. We can't drive by a park without him yelling "Park!" On the way to the park we were going through all his animal sounds...he cracks me up with his noises. He knows monkey (of course), snake, lion, bear, dinosaur (they all roar about the same), dog, frog, rabbit (boing, boing), cat, cow, bird (cheep, cheep), mouse (squeak, squeak). Some days there are more, some days there are less. We were laughing like crazy. Anyway, we went to the park and he is all over the place. Every day it looks like he is getting so much bigger and I can't believe it's been 2 years. I told Chris tonight that I need another one so Logan is not so spoiled. It seems like he is all I talk about or think about and that can't be good for a kid, right? Although right now he is going to an extremely clingy-to-Daddy phase and Chris is loving it. He doesn't want to ride with me in the mornings, only Daddy. Tonight we were all laying on the couch and I leaned in to kiss him and he pushed me away and said "move." Wow...that was harsh. And Chris was grinning from ear to ear. Nice. Whatever, I'll take it when I can get it. I'm going out tomorrow night so they can have "their" time. Random post, I know, and Chris just came and laughed at me because I am blogging. He said I am "such a mom." That pretty much sums up my life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, tonight Logan went to sleep without using his beloved pacifier! It wasn't planned, although Chris and I have been discussing the need to get rid of it (even though he only uses it when he goes to sleep) but we hadn't bit the bullet yet. That little thing makes bedtime so much easier. He knows he doesn't get it until he goes 'night-night.' He even calls it his 'ni-ni' sometimes. It's not like I am letting him walk around Wal-Mart with it in his mouth while he's perfectly happy. But enough of the rationalizing...it's one thing that still makes him my 'baby' and that is hard to give up.

Nonetheless, back to my story...Chris was running late from softball (I know, shocker) and Logan was telling me he was ready for night-night so I took him upstairs only to realize Chris had his paci since he took him to daycare this morning. I call Chris and, of course, he doesn't answer. I relay the message of the impending night-night disaster of 2009 and try to get him to go to bed without it. He's screaming, but I leave the room hoping he will fall asleep quickly. Fast forward 25 minutes...I go upstairs to check on him and I hear him screaming from the door of our little 'apartment.' I go in there and he stands up and cries for me...so hard to refuse, but I know I can't pick him up...that won't help the situation. I pat him on the back for what seems like forever (probably 20 minutes) and then leave the room. He's exhausted so he doesn't scream immediately. I wait for it...nothing. Chris comes home and checks on him and he's OUT. Success! We'll see if he wakes up in the middle of the night looking for it. I'll let Chris deal with that. I did my part.

Blog Virgin

So, this is my first blog EVER...not quite sure how to do it or what I am doing but I thought it would be interesting to journal a little bit about what is going on in my life or what new funny thing Logan is doing. There is a story behind the name of this blog. One day my sister and I were out shopping (I know, big shock) with Logan and for some reason or another she said "Oh, snap!" Logan was in the backseat and he said "Oh, nap!" It was hilarious at the time, but it was probably one of those things where you had to be there. So he saw her a week later and said "Oh, nap!" without any prompting or anything...that's how he remembers her, I guess. He is a funny kid. He is doing somersaults now, saying 2 and 3 word phrases (that I can understand most of the time), dancing to any music that comes on, and getting into everything. I will try to update the blog with all the funny stuff he is doing.

On other news, we found a new house...we should get to move in within a week and a half. We have been living with family friends for free since the end of January, which has been a godsend, but it's time to go while we are in their good graces. The new house is in Keller and it is almost 600 sq. ft. bigger than our last house. I can't wait to get in there and have a fresh, clean start (and decorate, too!).

Well, Logan is trying to get my attention by throwing a rubber duck at the light switch and saying "Eh eh go!" (ready, set, go!). So I guess that's my cue. Let me know if there is something I could do different or something about blogging that I don't know about since I am clueless.