Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, tonight Logan went to sleep without using his beloved pacifier! It wasn't planned, although Chris and I have been discussing the need to get rid of it (even though he only uses it when he goes to sleep) but we hadn't bit the bullet yet. That little thing makes bedtime so much easier. He knows he doesn't get it until he goes 'night-night.' He even calls it his 'ni-ni' sometimes. It's not like I am letting him walk around Wal-Mart with it in his mouth while he's perfectly happy. But enough of the rationalizing...it's one thing that still makes him my 'baby' and that is hard to give up.

Nonetheless, back to my story...Chris was running late from softball (I know, shocker) and Logan was telling me he was ready for night-night so I took him upstairs only to realize Chris had his paci since he took him to daycare this morning. I call Chris and, of course, he doesn't answer. I relay the message of the impending night-night disaster of 2009 and try to get him to go to bed without it. He's screaming, but I leave the room hoping he will fall asleep quickly. Fast forward 25 minutes...I go upstairs to check on him and I hear him screaming from the door of our little 'apartment.' I go in there and he stands up and cries for me...so hard to refuse, but I know I can't pick him up...that won't help the situation. I pat him on the back for what seems like forever (probably 20 minutes) and then leave the room. He's exhausted so he doesn't scream immediately. I wait for it...nothing. Chris comes home and checks on him and he's OUT. Success! We'll see if he wakes up in the middle of the night looking for it. I'll let Chris deal with that. I did my part.