Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IUI #2

I went in for my day 12 sonogram on Saturday to check the status of my follicles. I was very hopeful since last month I had 3-4 follicles. This time, ONE. And even that one was hard to find. I have a stupid left ovary that likes to hide. There were several small ones, but the doctor said they wouldn't mature enough. There could have been more mature follicles in my left ovary, but since we couldn't really see the whole thing, it was hard to tell. Nevertheless, we scheduled the IUI for Monday afternoon. I was told to trigger Sunday morning. Of course, I went home all depressed. Last month, I had 4 follicles and it didn't work. Why would it work this month with only one? I know--it only takes one. But still. The chances go down.

So we go in Monday afternoon and the first thing the doctor says is "Well, your sperm is excellent!" Last month, the count was 5 million (they like anything over 3 million). This month, 52 million! So maybe his super sperm will attack my one follicle and make it happen. The IUI itself was way easier than last month. It was quick and relatively painless, completely opposite from last month. Dr. Haas said my cervix was being much more cooperative and less defensive. Thank heavens...I was dreading the pain again.

After the procedure was done, I had to lay there with my butt elevated for 15 minutes to help gravity along. Last month, the song 'Bust A Move' came on during this time and we thought it was hilarious, so we were paying attention to what played this time...Heart's 'Alone' (I love Heart!!) and 'Whip It.' Very strange music for a doctor's office, but it brings some comedic relief during an awkward and anxious time.

I am trying to remain positive and remind myself that it does only take one. Everything else has gone well this month...pain free IUI, excellent sperm count, maybe that's enough to make up for one measly follicle. Now begins the dreaded 2 week wait...again. I am going to try my hardest to keep my mind off of it and not analyze everything. I mean, there's nothing I can do about it and obsessing doesn't help. So hopefully a positive attitude and attempting to relax about it will help. Wish me luck!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break Plans

Oh, how I wish I was going to be telling you all about a wonderful vacation I was getting ready to go on...but, alas, that is NOT the case. Chris and I are both off the whole week, but we won't be going anywhere. Instead, we will be (hopefully) doing another IUI on Monday or Tuesday and then I have big plans to do stuff around the house since I can claim it back now that it's off the market. Here are my plans (although I am aware that things do not always go as planned and laziness takes over often):

1. Paint kitchen (possibly this color?? It is much lighter than it looks):

2. Make displays for Logan's artwork:

3. Organize/Make Chore Chart System for Logan (this isn't exactly what I want, but it's along the same lines):

4. Work on our garden. For the past couple of years, we have grown (successfully) bell peppers, squash, and a few (albeit small) onions. We have attempted green beans and potatoes as well, but they didn't turn out as well. I am not sure what all we will be trying this year, but I hope we can get it started again this week.

I'll report back on how it went and how much we actually got done. I would be super proud of myself if we accomplished all of this!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Now Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programming...

to show you how adorable and hilarious my child is. All I feel like I have been talking about lately is fertility-related stuff and the other night I was getting ready to put Logan to bed, he was picking out books, and found a Cars musical book (and a musical card) and went to town. He had specific dances for each song, which I think is what makes it so funny. Luckily, I had my phone with me and I was able to record him. It made me forget what I am missing and remember what I am so blessed to have. He makes me laugh daily, frustrates me daily, but gives the best hugs and kisses every day throughout the day.

P.S. Sorry they are sideways, can't figure out how to turn the video since I shot it vertically. And turn your volume up so you can hear the music.