Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Logan's Dinosaur Party

Warning: This is a picture-heavy post!

Logan had his 5th birthday party this past Sunday, over a week after his actual birthday which really confused him, at the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. It was dinosaur themed and the most expensive party he has ever had, but not completely crazy for what we got and the amount of people we were able to invite. But he had definite ideas of what he wanted to do this year and we figured 5 is a big milestone so we went for it. I am so glad we did. It was a great party and we had a great turnout. He has been helping me plan this party for a couple months now, surfing Pinterest with me and picking all his partyware out. It's been fun for him to be involved this year and I love how opinionated he is (in this case, at least).

His dinosaur cake, he wanted it brown with dinosaur eggs (seen on Pinterest).
The birthday boy
He saw these on Pinterest and had to have them...Bugles as dino toenails.
These were a Pinterest find as well...pretzels, mini marshmallows, and almond bark.
These were on sale at Sprouts, so why not?
Logan wanted to have strawberries
We snagged a family picture before the party got started
All the kids got foam dinosaur masks to wear/take home. They were hit!
The museum provided a party host and she talked to the kids about dinosaurs and was very interactive and engaging!
All the kids got to make their own fossil imprints
And dig in their dino dig (which was a dusty mess)
Ready to blow out his candle
The birthday boy got to help erupt a volcano at the end
All the kiddos with their masks
After the party, we still had some time before the museum closed so several of us stayed and let the kids play. I love the Dallas Science Museum (more than the Fort Worth one), I wish we could have stayed longer. They are having a Magic School Bus exhibit soon and Logan LOVES that show, so we will be going back.

Logan and some friends
Climbing the rock wall
Working their way through the spider web (this picture cracks me up with everyone falling)
Perched on top of an ant hill

Logan and his BFF Jacob
Milking the cow
After the museum closed, my dad took our immediate family and a couple close family friends out to dinner at La Calle Doce in Oak Cliff. It was a perfect night to sit outside and the food was excellent. Logan was exhausted, though, and didn't want to eat. He was in a pretty foul mood and later we discovered he had a fever, which explained a lot. So in these pictures he's not feeling so great.

Me and my handsome boy
My long-time friend, Jennifer, and her son, Jacob
T-Luv (my dad) and his two grandsons (Jacob is a surrogate grandson)
Two silly boys
It was a wonderful birthday and we were all exhausted by the end of it. Logan fell asleep on the way home and then went to bed quickly once we were home. I hope he remembers this birthday for a long, long time. I know it was probably my favorite one of his so far.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

IUI #3

Ugh. I hated even typing that. Who would have thought it would be this dang hard?? I went to the doctor yesterday for my day 11 sono to check the status of any follicles. I was really hoping there would be a ton since we added 2 more shots this round to be more aggressive. But I have been battling a cold/allergies and sometimes that can mess with it. Anyway, there were several follicles (3-4) but only a couple of them were large enough that he thought would mature in time. Seriously?? Five freaking shots in a row of pure hormone and I barely get 2 follicles? So ridiculous. What I wouldn't give to be a fertile mertile right now...just getting pregnant by looking at their spouse. Ugh.

We will go in on Monday for IUI #3. I am hoping it's lucky #3...otherwise we are going to have to sell some stuff to do it again. My family has been very generous in helping us with all of the treatments, but even with their help we are having to shell out extra when we add extra shots, etc., so it's running about $1000 every month we do this. That's hard on one income and I *hate* asking for financial help...I prefer to call them donations (for a great cause). Chris is working his tail end off to make extra money, so I hope it works this time so he can relax.

And tomorrow is Logan's birthday party at the Dallas Science Museum. He is so excited and I can't wait to see how it all turns out as well. I will post pics afterward.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Logan's 5th Birthday!

We had a big day planned for Logan's birthday yesterday and it all went off without a hitch. We had a blast together and Logan loved every bit of it. I can't believe he is now officially 5, and he still doesn't believe he is because he hasn't had his party yet. It's very hard explaining to him that his birthday and his party day are on separate days...

Anyway, he woke up at 7:00 yesterday morning, ready to go. We had his favorite breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk waiting for him, as well as his presents from Mommy & Daddy.

After breakfast, he played with his new toys, a mega T-Rex and Stegosaurus that he hasn't stopped taking about ever since he saw them at his friend Reagan's house.

We weren't scheduled to go to our first excursion until after lunch so we had some time to kill. I took that time to go get a much-needed pedicure (hey, it helped with my sadness over him turning 5) and then Chris had to go mow a lawn. When he got back home, we left. Logan still didn't know what we were doing but we did convince him to take a nap on the way there. Once we arrived at Grapevine Mills he thought we were just going to the movies. Until we walked into the mall. Then he knew. And he was pumped. He has been to Legoland before but it was a year ago and he has been wanting to go back ever since.

Waiting to get in...there were lots of lines to wait in
In the Lego factory

Attempting to build a car

 He loved racing the cars down the ramps

One of the many Lego animals in the multiple pits of Legos

Logan & Daddy in Miniland

Logan played in their giant playground for a little while and then we quickly walked through the gift shop, surprisingly making it out with no whining and no purchases! Woohoo! When we were done at Legoland we grabbed a quick snack in the food court and headed off to surprise #2.

We did a quiz throughout the aquarium and he got almost all the answers right with no assistance from us and then received a medal in the gift shop when he turned in the quiz sheet. He was so proud!

His silly pose for the day

Checking out the stingrays from the glass floor

The aquarium had lots of fun kid-sized bubbles and spaces for him to get into

Measuring up to the sharks

At the touch tank, where of course he wouldn't dare touch anything

Playing at their playground
We spent a good amount of time at the aquarium but I am realizing he doesn't have an awesome attention span when it comes to watching/looking for the animals or reading/learning about them. He's ready to go, go, go to the next one.

When we were done at the aquarium, he was wondering what our next surprise was and he wasn't too thrilled when we told him it was his birthday dinner with the family. He wanted another "adventure." We still had a little bit of time to kill before dinner, so Chris drove to Grapevine lake and we walked around and Logan threw rocks, etc. in the water.

This is what he did when I said "give me a handsome pose." He said this was his best handsome pose...

Mommy & Logan self-portrait

At his birthday dinner at Fuddruckers with his awesome, short-lived T-Rex balloon
His dinosaur-sprinkled cupcakes, don't be jealous of my decorating skills

Blowing out the candle

All his loot!

T-Luv got him a new scooter

It's going to take a while for him to get the hang of it...

He had a great 5th birthday and we were all exhausted by the end of the day. He fell asleep super easy and slept until 9 am the next morning. I am so glad we got to spend the day together doing something fun and making memories. That was money very well spent. I am hoping we can do something like that every year, it's so much better than giving him more toys that he doesn't need. Yes, I know we got him a couple dinosaurs but that's all he is getting from us. I want to stick with this tradition every year and just get him something small and then do something together as a family. I think it means so much more and he will remember it for a long time...I hope. I know I will.

I love you, Logan. Happy birthday sweet boy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Years

I just kissed my baby boy goodnight for the last time as a 4-year-old. Tomorrow at 5:16 pm (and not a moment sooner!) he will officially be 5. He is super excited about it and has been for the last month or so. I just can't believe it has been 5 years already. It seems like he was just a baby and now he seems so grown up.  I know your child turning 5 isn't that big of a deal to most but, for some reason, it seems huge to me. The first milestone birthday...going to kindergarten...all too soon he is going to shy away from my kisses and stop running up to me out of the blue and hugging me and telling me he loves me. And he's my only one (so far), so we are so attached at the hip that I feel like a part of me is missing when we are not together. I have no clue how I am going to survive next year with him gone all day, every day.

This week has been a big one for me. I found out I wasn't pregnant from IUI #2, had to register Logan for kindergarten, began meds for another IUI, and now he's turning 5. What an emotional roller wonder I broke down in tears the other night. It was a good, much-needed cry and poor Chris didn't know what to do. I eventually had to tell him I would be okay and there was nothing he could do for me right now just so he would go to sleep.

Tomorrow is exciting, though. Chris is off work for Good Friday so we are having a surprise family day. Logan has no clue what we are doing...I will post again after tomorrow with plenty of pics, of course.

April 6, 2007~5:16 pm

 1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

 4th birthday

April 4, 2012

I love my sweet baby boy. He will always be my baby, no matter what he says. He tells me he has to grow up so he can marry me and be an astronaut and work at Daddy's office. I hope I have at least a few more years of that sweet innocence. I love you more than life itself, Logan. You are the funniest, smartest, sweetest, huggiest (??) boy I know and I hope you have a blast being 5! Don't mind Mommy's tears.