Saturday, April 14, 2012

IUI #3

Ugh. I hated even typing that. Who would have thought it would be this dang hard?? I went to the doctor yesterday for my day 11 sono to check the status of any follicles. I was really hoping there would be a ton since we added 2 more shots this round to be more aggressive. But I have been battling a cold/allergies and sometimes that can mess with it. Anyway, there were several follicles (3-4) but only a couple of them were large enough that he thought would mature in time. Seriously?? Five freaking shots in a row of pure hormone and I barely get 2 follicles? So ridiculous. What I wouldn't give to be a fertile mertile right now...just getting pregnant by looking at their spouse. Ugh.

We will go in on Monday for IUI #3. I am hoping it's lucky #3...otherwise we are going to have to sell some stuff to do it again. My family has been very generous in helping us with all of the treatments, but even with their help we are having to shell out extra when we add extra shots, etc., so it's running about $1000 every month we do this. That's hard on one income and I *hate* asking for financial help...I prefer to call them donations (for a great cause). Chris is working his tail end off to make extra money, so I hope it works this time so he can relax.

And tomorrow is Logan's birthday party at the Dallas Science Museum. He is so excited and I can't wait to see how it all turns out as well. I will post pics afterward.

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