Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay, so Monday (Jan. 30) was CD (cycle day) 2 so I went in for my sono and everything looked good so he sent me off with my presciptions to fill and start the following day. So to put my mind at ease, I am writing it all down to keep it straight in my head and for documentation (and if any of y'all care):

CD 3-7~150 mg Clomid
CD 3-12~1 mg Dexamethasone
CD 5, 7, 9~Brevelle injections (75 IU)
Daily~Metformin, Prozac, Synthroid

I am scheduled to go back on CD 12 (Thurs. Feb. 9) for a follicle check sonogram to see how/if they are progressing. If they are looking good (which I am doubtful of since they never have before) then we will do a trigger shot to induce ovulation and schedule the IUI for Friday or Saturday. If they are not ready, then I will probably do another round of injections and come back early the next week to do a re-check and go from there. My hope is that my eggs/follicles do something rather than nothing, but I don't want them to go overboard where there is hyperstimulation or cysts and the whole cycle has to be cancelled until the next month. That's been my worry this whole time since I have never tried these medications/dosages before.

Since starting the Clomid and Dexamethasone, I haven't really noticed any side effects, which worries me a little because I wonder if it's working. I started the injections today and within 2 hours was in a full blown sweat while working at the preschool. Talk about a hot flash! All day long. I kept asking if my co-teacher was hot and of course, she never was. My belly is not sore at the injection site yet but I am expecting it. I am also expecting bloating since my ovaries will hopefully be filling up with eggs.

So, let's all think happy thoughts and make these ovaries do their job. : -)

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