Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The LONGEST Two Weeks of My Life

You know, before I knew I was pregnant with Logan, I had NO clue what was going on with my body. I was so clueless about pregnancy symptoms that when we were getting ready to go out one night, I had trouble getting my skirt on because I was super bloated, but I blamed it on my should-be-here-any-day-now period. When I specifically wanted to go to Razoo's so I could have Crawfish Etoufee and a Dr. Pepper, I didn't think twice. When I wanted to go to a movie just so I could have buttered popcorn, nothing. When I fell asleep 30 minutes into said movie--still clueless. All this happened on the same night, but the thought of pregnancy didn't even cross my mind. We hadn't been trying (but hadn't been preventing either) so it just wasn't even on my radar. And I couldn't have been more than 4 weeks along.

This time. THIS TIME. I know too much. I know I had 4 follicles, took a trigger shot on day 13, had the IUI on day 14. I know all the symptoms to be on the lookout for and boy, am I on the lookout. Here are my symptoms that I have had so far:
  • twinges in my lower ovary regions occasionally
  • excessively thirsty
  • mild backaches
  • face rash (no clue if this is in any way related)
  • bloating
  • headaches
  • light cramping
  • frequent urination (like getting up multiple times at night, which I never do)
  • mild nausea
  • mild indigestion
  • tired (but I have also been fighting a cold, so it could just be that)
  • super hungry (which is weird for me b/c I rarely get hungry anymore) 
  • mild cravings (buttered noodles, hot tamales, Wingstop--garlic parmesan and orginal hot and their excellent fries-YUM!)
I know all of this could be PMS as well, I realize how stupid I sound and how overly analytical I am being. I know I am going to be super disappointed if I start my period or my test comes back negative, so I am putting off testing for as long as I can stand it. Everyone has been asking how I am feeling and I don't quite know what to say. Am I "feeling" pregnant? No, but do you feel pregnant 3 1/2 weeks in? Do I have symptoms? Sure, but they are similar to PMS symptoms plus I had the HCG shot that probably contributes.

4 more days, 4 more days. Then I will either be screaming from the rooftops or crying and depressed, holed up in my room.

Thanks for everyone's continued thoughts and prayers. It has been so nice to be able to talk about it and not keep it to myself. I think that would make this wait so much harder, if that's even possible.

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  1. You're not overanalyzing. You're hopeful! :)