Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Dreaded 2 Week Wait

So we went in early Saturday morning for the IUI and I was a nervous wreck. I had been nervous since Thursday and just ready to get it done. I was so worried that the follicles would disappear or something--as silly as it sounds, I was afraid to sleep on my stomach just in case that could cause them to get smushed. I know, go ahead and laugh.

Saturday morning Chris and I got up and left to head to Las Colinas to be there by 8 am. My aunt offered to keep Logan for us that weekend, which ended up being an awesome help since we didn't have to worry about getting him up and taken care of. We left around 7:30. Normally, no problem on a weekend. But today, of course, they had 114 shut down and we were not aware of it until it was too late. Luckily, Chris knows every back road and was able to get us there only about 15 minutes late, which normally isn't a big deal, but we were in a time crunch since we had a time-sensitive sample that needed to be received within an hour. But we made it in time. After we dropped that off, we headed to eat breakfast and walked around Target until my appointment at 9:45. We get back to the office, sign in, and wait. Usually I am alone at the doctor for sonograms, etc., so Chris got to see me nervous. Leg shaking, heart pounding, the whole works. When we got back to the room and were waiting for the doctor, we killed time by texting my sister and aunt and it was so much better to be there with someone else so I wasn't just in the room by myself riddled with anxiety. I was actually laughing and relaxed.

Dr. Haas came in and I asked if he was going to do a sonogram first to make sure the follicles were still the right size, but he said no. I thought that was weird, but he said since I was just there 2 days ago, that they would still be fine. I hope he was right. I would have felt better if I could have seen it again, but I guess he knows what he is doing. The procedure did not go awesomely. I had been told it was painless and quick, easier than a pap smear. But I apparently have a funny-shaped or weirdly-positioned cervix, which made it hard for him to get the catheter past it and into the uterus. It took a couple tries, a different catheter, and a lot longer than normal. And more painful...a lot more. Once it was done, they elevated my hips and I had to lay there for 15 minutes. While laying there, Chris and I enjoyed their music that was playing on the speaker. We don't know if it's planned this way or what, but I swear they played "Bust a Move" and a couple other sex-type songs, which was cracking us up. The nurse came in to tell us we could go but I would have been willing to lay there the rest of the day if I needed to, but she assured me 15 minutes was plenty. I could resume normal activities.

Except I really couldn't. I was hurting. I was sore from the procedure and bloated (I guess from the mature follicles). I took advantage of not having Logan and went home and spent the rest of the day in bed. I was still not 100% on Sunday, so I rested that day as well. After that, I have been fine.

Today I have been having some twinges in my uterus/ovary area (on both sides), which I am hoping is a good thing, but I am trying not to read too much into it. I have to wait at least another week before I can even take a test because the trigger shot would still be in my system and would give me a false positive. Ugh. It's going to be a long wait. If I don't start my cycle by the 25th, he told me to take a pregnancy test (ha, like I am waiting until then) and then call them and I will go in for bloodwork to confirm.

So...exciting stuff. Thanks for all your thoughts & prayers. Everyone has been so supportive and it has meant the world to me.

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