Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Worked!!

So I went in today for a sonogram to check to see if there were any mature follicles. It is CD 12. I was not hopeful...I hadn't been feeling any different, no bloating, nothing, so I figured the medicine just didn't work and I would have to do more shots and come back next week. I was just preparing myself.

But right off the bat, he found 2 eggs ready and 2 more getting close!! I have never had more than 1 egg and even then it's not usually mature enough or it gets too big and turns into a cyst. So obviously, I respond well to the Clomid, Brevelle, and Dexamethasone combo. I was holding back tears and in disbelief that it actually worked. My body actually responded. Don't worry, the chances of all of them taking are slim to none, but I wouldn't be against twins...

Tomorrow I will give myself the trigger HCG shot to induce ovulation and then we will go back to the doctor bright and early Saturday morning for the IUI. I am beside myself right now with excitement, even though I know there is a chance it still might not work, but man, what if it does???

I know this is personal and doesn't really matter to anyone but me and my family but I enjoy sharing and writing it all out, it makes me feel better. I know that when people know what's going on, sometimes that feels like more pressure, but for me it feels like more people care and can be praying/thinking/hoping right along with me. And then if it doesn't work, I have a support system to rely on. Win-win.

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