Monday, August 13, 2012

A Year In Pictures~Logan 2011

Yeah, so I am a little bit late on this. I know it's mid-2012 and all, but I just remembered how much I like seeing how much Logan changes every month (see 2010 here). It's harder to notice in person now that he is bigger, but when I look at pictures, the changes are amazing.

January 2011 (FW Science Museum)

February 2011 (the big snowstorm of Feb 2011)

March 2011 (on the boat at Aunt Toni's)

April 2011 (Easter at Aunt Toni's house)

May 2011 (after Sprout's Spring Program)

June 2011 (last day of the Lugnuts blast ball season)

July 2011 (Paradise Pond)

August 2011 (doing some watercolor painting)

September 2011 (first day at Southlake Christian Preschool)

October 2011 (in his homemade Angry Bird Bomb costume)

November 2011 (Logan and his friend, Sydney, after their last soccer game)

December 2011 (Christmas Day)

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