Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corpus Christi~Day 1

We drove down to Corpus Christi on Wednesday, and that pretty much took all day, so I am counting Thursday as day 1. 
1st morning--ready to go
This is our view from the condo~~can't complain one bit

We are SO lucky & blessed to have a sweet family friend who owns a condo down in Corpus (on the bay) and allows us to stay there--without paying. She won't hear of it. We haven't been down there since 2009, but we all had such a good time, we are hoping to do it more often. Logan was at a great age this year (he was only 2 last time). We were able to do so much more and didn't have to worry about naps, diapers, etc.

We woke up Thursday morning, got ready, and left the condo to go find breakfast since we got in too late the night before to hit up the H-E-B (oh, how I love me some H-E-B) for groceries. We had done our research and didn't want to go to any chain restaurants if we could help it (except for Chris' beloved 2-story Whataburger--which we didn't even make it to). There were 2 breakfast places that kept coming up. Hester's was one of them.

We didn't realize until we walked in that it was coffee bar. It had a full menu but the prices were coffee bar-esque. The coffee was very good, but not cheap. We split french toast, eggs, fruit, and a cinnamon roll and that was plenty.

After breakfast, we headed to the USS Lexington. Logan was definitely too young to try this last time we were here, so we were excited to see his reaction this time. It did not disappoint. There was so much for him to see, do, and climb on. It was great for a 5 year old boy. Not so great if you are trying to get him to appreciate the history of it all, but he had great fun climbing all the ladders and into all the machines and exploring the massive ship.

Getting ready to ride the shuttle up to the ship

Sitting in the driver's seat

In the ship's jail with Mommy

Checking out all the planes with Daddy

Chris enjoyed the ship and all the guns, etc. as much as (if not more than) Logan!

Laying in the old bunks

Pretending to drive one of the airplanes
We spent a good 3 hours there, I think. It is certainly not for really young children, as there is a lot of climbing and small, confined spaces. Logan didn't so much care for the history of it all, he just thought all the memorabilia was "cool and awesome" but didn't slow down to learn about it. I spent a lot of time keeping up with him so that Chris could read about everything. Good for him. History isn't my thing, so Logan & I were on the same page there.

After the Lexington, we were all starving so we did some grocery shopping at the HEB for breakfast and lunch stuff and then spent a couple hours at the condo before taking off for an early evening beach trip. We found a beach just outside of the Padre Island National Seashore park that was not crowded at all and stayed until just before sunset.

Heading out to the water

He was having so much fun

He would go out, fill his bucket with water, bring it back to the sand where it would quickly evaporate, and then do it over and over again. Doesn't take much to make him happy. :)

Headed out to the waves with Daddy. He wanted to go out as far as Daddy could go. Brave boy.

Digging, digging, digging...yet, they never completed even a small sand castle.

Perfect Logan facial expression

Checking out all the little shells going in and out of the sand

I got a shot of them doing this same thing 3 years ago...must go look up now.
Found it...look how little Logan was (and his swimsuit falling down)

Just playin'

Relaxing in the shade with a snack
We cleaned up and headed back to the condo for a fancy dinner of frozen french bread pizza (LOVE) and ice cream. It was a wonderful and relaxing day and we all slept wonderfully that night.

On Day 2 we went to Port Aransas to see some friends who were also in town and she took pictures that day, so I have to wait until I get them from her before I can post about it (but she's in the process of moving so it may be a while). It was another great day at the beach with Logan's BFF Reagan and my friend of 20 years and her family.

Just for fun, here's a link to my Corpus Christi 2009 album. Logan was SO little. Makes me sad.

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