Monday, August 6, 2012

Corpus Christi~Day 3

Saturday we woke up, ate breakfast, and headed out to Port Aransas again. This time to go on a dolphin tour and do some souvenir shopping with our friends we were at the beach with yesterday. We had heard great things about this dolphin tour and specifically booked the 10 am one where they have a staged pirate attack. We chose this over the aquarium. I think we chose wrong...

We loaded onto the boat and waited to take off. Logan enjoyed the touch tank, even though there wasn't much in it yet (they would add more later). Reagan didn't really like all the noise the boat made or the pirate tour guide, so she stuck close to her parents. Not off to a great start...

Playing at the touch tank
Logan & Daddy
Logan and his BFF, Reagan  

What?! A picture of me & Logan? A rarity.   

Waiting/watching for the pirate attack
Pirate ship
After the pirate attack...
Notice I didn't get any "action" shots during the actual attack. The kids (and adults) were supplied with water guns to fight back while the pirate ship had a water cannon and a Cheetos shooter. So everyone got soaked, including me. T-Joe told me and another woman that we could stand on this platform to get good pictures of the attack, knowing full well that that spot is where the pirates aim their water cannon. We both got blasted, cameras and everything. My camera still isn't back to normal. I was NOT happy. I have emailed the company and complained, not to worry. Not to mention that we saw no dolphins whatsoever. Ugh.

 Logan enjoyed some more time at the touch tank after they emptied the net that they had been dragging. We were amazed that he was actually touching stuff!

Some souvenir shop pictures: 

He was obsessed with all the hermit crabs

 I think he tried on everything "pirate" at every souvenir shop.

After souvenir shopping and lunch, we left Port A (and, by the way, saw dolphins on the ferry ride back to Corpus) with no other real plans for the rest of the day. On a whim, we decided to go to Rockport. We had heard of it and Chris saw a sign for it, so we went. I looked up some things to do on the way there. *Sidenote: What in the world did we do before smartphones???* Logan slept the whole way there, which he desperately needed. We went to the Bay Education Center, it was free and in the A/C...both great selling points for me. Despite the fact that the website I looked on gave us the wrong address and it took us a while to actually find it, it was a great stop.

Logan holding up the world. 

The Bay Education Center had this really neat 6 foot in diameter "globe" with 4 projectors projecting moving images onto the sphere, making it appear as though it's rotating. Logan is still talking about the "big globe." The lady that worked there did a pretty in-depth presentation and Logan was surprisingly attentive. And apparently he really listened, because yesterday he was talking about the "planet with the rings--you know, Saturn" and I asked him where he learned about that and he said "the big globe." I was impressed.

Examining everything...he loves magnifying glasses
When we were at the Bay Education Center, we heard the Rockport Aquarium mentioned but it closes at 4 and it was was within walking distance, so we booked it over there. Other people apparently had the same idea, so we had plenty of time. It was a nice, small aquarium. Nothing fancy. At all. But Logan loved it. All at his level, small tanks, engaging workers, a few hands-on things. It was great. And also free. Bonus! Of course, he picked out a stuffed octopus (which he originally named Octopussy, but has since changed the name to Squiddy--thank Heavens) at the gift shop.

On our way back to our car, we decided to walk around the marina and look at all the boats. We saw a TON of jellyfish in the water there. Not a place I would want to swim...

We left Rockport and headed back to Corpus to grab a bite to eat. We decided on La Playa Mexican Cafe. We had heard good things about it, so we split Shrimp Enchiladas and bean & cheese nachos (and a couple margaritas). Everything was very good.

Back at the condo, Logan of course wanted to go swimming. Chris & I were exhausted but I reminded him how exciting it was to swim at the pool while on vacation so we took him.
Ready to go!
Swimming underwater to Daddy!
My little fish
After about an hour there, we were all exhausted and passed out in bed shortly thereafter. It was a long but really fun day!

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