Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Final Week

I absolutely CANNOT believe that Logan is going to Kindergarten in just a few days. I have been trying to make the most of this last week with him, but allergies have gotten a hold of me, which drains me of all my energy. I am doing my best to power through it, though. My last week with him had to be special, which means I have to document it, of course.

Monday, we went up to the church and worked. Well, I worked and he played with his friends and even got a little Spanish lesson from Ms. Monika. Love her. I am going to miss him going up there with me on Mondays. We didn't do much else that day because I was starting to feel under the weather. I did put him to bed early to get him ready for the early mornings that would be in his near future (and mine...ugh).

Tuesday we had plans to go to NRH2O with friends but it was raining. And a little chilly (for August anyway). But my friends had sitters lined up for their babies (so they could do more with their big kids who are also going into Kindergarten), so we had to take the opportunity to go. Needless to say, it wasn't crowded. The kids really didn't seem to mind it, but Logan was over it after a couple of hours. He was ready to go, and it was probably time as his lips were starting to turn a little blue. Our friends ended up staying another couple hours (somehow. I would have died). When we left, I took Logan to the library (for the last time this summer) and he picked new books and movies and played with the soft blocks. He was enjoying making "brain machines" and "goose machines" and then another little boy joined him and they built towers and jumped off onto all the blocks. He had a blast and it was so fun to watch.

"The Goose Machine"~"you go under and then lay on top and it turns you into a goose."~Logan, age 5

After the library, we came home and watched his library movies and relaxed. He took a little 30 minute nap while I showered. Daddy came home and didn't have to leave again because his games were rained out so we were able to eat dinner together and play a little.

Wednesday I had big plans to ride the train to the Dallas Zoo with some friends but both me and the other mom were sick, so we had a lazy day at home. We watched movies, ate corn dogs, played Wii Mario Kart (I beat him) and Wii Bowling (he beat me), and he attempted to get me to understand Mario Galaxy (not a clue). Although I still didn't have much energy, I really did try to "play" with him as much as I could.

Then he had his 1st soccer practice with his new team, the Red Hots. His friend Noah is on the team, so they were super excited to see each other there. He did great (well, as great as he can...he is not the most athletic/competitive/aggressive child) and worked hard. Then he spent some time at the park afterward until I called it quits due to the excessive mosquito bites I was getting.  Home, shower, grilled cheese & peaches, brush/floss, 1 story, songs, then bed by 8:30.

The next morning I felt better and actually pulled the trigger and rode the train to the zoo. I am so glad we went. My brother came with me and he and Logan are basically one in the same, so they have a ball together. Logan had never been to the Dallas Zoo and I hadn't been in a really, really long time (can't even remember when it was, but it was long ago). It was a nice change of pace from the Fort Worth Zoo. Not nearly as crowded, lots of great exhibits for kids Logan's age, a lot of interactive opportunities (feed the giraffes, ride a camel/pony), monorail, and a children's zoo with a stream for kids to play in. We were there about 3 hours and probably could've stayed a little longer (Logan's attention span is not great) but had to catch the train back to pick my dad up from the airport. Here are some pics from the trip:

Riding the train to the zoo

Dramatic boys

Ryan's photo shoot while Logan analyzes the map

My boy loves maps

Feeding the giraffes

Ryan's favorite part of the zoo

Logan loves the herpetarium and searching for the animals in all the cages

Playing in the stream

Sleepy on the train ride back

After the zoo we had to hustle to the airport to pick up my dad, then went up to Logan's new school to see who his kindergarten teacher was going to be, ended up going to a friend's house for a few minutes, and then had to hurry home and take a bath/shower and get ready for Meet the Teacher that night. I was a nervous/sad wreck. Logan was pumped.

Outside Mrs. Knotts' classroom

Logan and his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Knotts

The newest Shady Grove Star!
After Meet the Teacher, we went to dinner and then did some school shopping and found his first day of school outfit (and a few more) at Crazy 8 and finally found a book I had been looking for at Target. It was a long, but great day.

Friday we got to sleep in for the last time (8:30) and then hit the ground running. We met some friends at a local pizza place and the lady there takes the kids back in the kitchen and teaches them about making pizza, food safety, and taking orders. The kids got to each make their own personal sized pizza and watch it cook in the oven. Then they got to ring each other up. It was a great trip!

Landyn, Madeline, Lindsey, Braden, & Logan

It was a fun and exhausting week, but one that hopefully won't be forgotten. I will miss our time together, even though he drives me crazy sometimes (ok, a lot of the time). But I know he is ready for Kindergarten and will do great with Mrs. Knotts and love school. I just need him to stay little for a little while longer and never stop giving me all his random, out-of-the-blue hugs and kisses.

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