Monday, August 6, 2012

Beach Pictures

So I really wanted to attempt beach pictures but I am not even close to a real photographer, so I did what I could. With a tripod. And a camera that wasn't working consistently. Fun times.

I think I did pretty good and got several great shots of Logan & Chris. Me, not so much, because I take better pictures than Chris (more practice) and running to get in the shot after setting the timer is not my specialty. 

These are a few of my favorites, though.

This one is my VERY favorite

The wind was CRAZY so I am not even sure why I messed with fixing my hair. As you can tell, I ended up just pulling it back. 

There are a couple framers among the bunch. I could have kept shooting, the sun was setting and the wind was dying down (a little) but Logan was antsy to get in the water. We had gotten everything we could out of him. 

The sun setting over the dunes

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