Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Being sick sucks. Especially over a holiday weekend when you are not at home. Although because we were at my aunt's house and there were tons of people there to entertain Logan, I was able to sleep for about 36 hours straight (pretty much). I am certainly better than I was, but not 100% yet...I hate being sick. Anyway, I finally have the time/energy to post again, so here goes.

So cute. It would make a cute keychain, too. When Logan actually starts really drawing things, I am going to have to do this.

I really should try this...Logan loves his chocolate milk.

I wish my current laundry room was big enough for something like this. Our next one will be if I have my way.

This would be even better, but large laundry rooms are hard to come by. I basically only have a closet now, anything would be an upgrade.

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

OMG. Seriously. My ovaries literally just twitched from the cuteness of this dress. Yes, I would take any baby at this point, but I NEED A GIRL. :) Boys just can't pull cutesie holiday wear off. Sorry to break it to you, but just no.

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  1. I'll trade you laundry rooms - my garage for your actual laundry room!