Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PT5--8.31.11 {Mommy Edition}

I worked at Logan's new MDO yesterday watching the teachers' kids during their workday. Logan went with me but was in a different room. I didn't think anything of it until the end of the day when I saw him in the hallway with his teacher as they were trying to find me (we had to move rooms). I saw the back of his head and my heart skipped a beat. I missed him SO much. Sounds silly, I know. We've been apart before, for more hours than that, but for some reason today was different. Maybe it was just because we've been together all summer and now he's starting a new school. Who knows, but I couldn't squeeze him tight enough or get enough hugs (and he obliged for as long as he could stand it) and I was quickly reminded of how being a mother is like having your own heart run around outside your body. So this PT5 is dedicated to motherhood and everything I love about it.

Pretty much. We can't do it all. And those who say they do are lying. Keep child alive/entertained should be added to that.

I wish I had known about/thought about all these "interviews" before this year. It would have been cute to know what Logan would have said when he first started talking.

Going on my Goodreads list now.

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Love this so much.

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  1. Well, start now with the interviewing and keep it up with the next kid(s) :)