Monday, August 22, 2011

Ready for a Routine (and a cold front)

I am so ready for Logan to start MDO again (2 more weeks). I am ready for the routine and having a need to get dressed (at least 2 days of the week). I am the type that desperately needs structure and routine or my days just go to waste. He will be going to a new MDO that we have heard great things about (and it's closer to home than the one he was at last year) and when I toured the 4 year old room it looked like a kindergarten room--word walls, word family activities on the board, math activities, centers, etc. I am excited to see what all Logan learns this year--he wants to read so bad and I think he will love all their activities. I will be subbing there as well so I will be able to get some much-needed adult interaction and bring in a little income. I am also staying on the sub list for Logan's other MDO that he was at last year, so there may be some weeks where he goes to school M/W as well.

I still can't believe he's basically in Pre-K this year. I wish it was more than 2 days/week--I think he would love to go more, but we just can't afford it. This time next year I will be sending him off to Kindergarten, which is unbelievable to me and I will need a major support system that day. I have a feeling I will be a wreck.

More than anything I am ready for cooler weather. We have been laying around doing way too much TV watching due to the incessant heat this summer. In the fall and spring we spend a lot of time at the park or outside playing so I am more than ready for that and I know Logan is. He has been begging to go to the park non-stop lately and it is just too hot outside, even in the morning it's already closing in on 100 degrees, which is ridiculous. Logan is so active--it's hard to keep him occupied during the day unless he is watching a movie or playing on the computer. He does love going to the library and lately he's been wanting to go several times a week. We can kill a decent amount of time there between choosing movies/books and playing in their kids' area. And it's always nice and cool.

Anyway, random post, but I am just SO. READY for him to be back in "school". And I am ready to do something other than sit around the house. For some reason I have been having this weird desire to start running or rollerblading (and painting on canvas--WTH??) but I just can't bring myself to do that in this heat...and I am not sure what I would do with Logan. He's too big for a stroller and not quite fast enough (not that I'll be fast, but he'd lose interest pretty quickly probably) to keep up on his bike/scooter. I would like to start doing something, though, when it cools off.

Until then...2 MORE WEEKS.

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