Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today would have been my parents' 37th (I think) wedding anniversary. I often wonder how my dad feels on this day but I feel weird bringing it up, even though I know I shouldn't. We don't talk about my mom much because I think it's just easier for everyone that way. We will be going out to dinner with him tonight so at least he'll have company. I can't imagine how it must feel to not have the love of your life around and all your kids grown up and out of the house. He is the strongest, most hard-working man I know and he was the BEST daddy ever.

In honor of that, my PT5 for the day are things that made me laugh or simply brought a smile to my face.

I totally need to eat a skinny person.

This is so true. Come on, people. We know your life is not all rainbows and sunshine, stop pretending it is.

I think everyone needs this app. :) Or someone needs to invent it.

This just made me laugh and think about the many disgusting conversations my family has had about this very subject.

I LOVE this! My sister and I saw this in TJMaxx one day (for like $50) and Logan was with us. From that point on we were all thinking of different ones and Logan still loves to come up with a random one here and there. I think it's so sweet. I think his favorite is "You are the sprinkles to my donut" and I am fine with that because the sprinkles are his favorite part. It's better than being the stink to his poop, which was another favorite of his. :)

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