Saturday, September 28, 2013

1st Grade Favorites

I can't believe you are in 1st grade. It still floors me to think that you are that big. You are in Mrs. Rhea's class and seem to love it. You are learning to control your talking and you LOVE earning stickers on your sticker chart for good behavior. You are rocking your weekly spelling tests and really starting to click with the reading. It is so exciting to see you grow and learn.

Yeah, a miner. This was new. You said you wanted to find diamonds and gems. Up until this day, you had been saying you wanted to be a scientist, astronaut, gemologist, and paleontologist. Needless to say, I think you will work in the science field in some form or fashion.

Such a sweet big brother

Let's look back at the last 3 years, shall we?

Pre-K at SCP 2011

Kindergarten 2012

1st Grade 2013
At the age of 6 you:

  • can count to 100 and then some
  • are trying to read EVERYTHING
  • are still best friends with Reagan (and even call her your girlfriend sometimes)
  • love to play the Wii and games on our phones (sometimes a little too much, we have to make you play with toys sometimes)
  • love going to school, just not getting up in the mornings for it
  • love your little brother
  • have jobs and responsibilities around the house that you earn money for doing
  • love Pokemon, My Little Pony, Pac-Man, Ninjago, and Phineas & Ferb
  • want to take art classes and gymnastics
  • still love anything having to do with science
  • love walking into school by yourself as I watch from the car--but you wave and blow me kisses the whole way, which I LOVE beyond words
  • want to be called Gig Christopher Zach--Gig for short, but you can be called Logan at school
  • weigh about 45 lbs and are about 47 inches tall
  • size 1 shoe
  • size 6 tops and 7 slim pants (again, too big but you need the length)

We love you more than life itself. You crack us up daily and your imagination is incredible. You are kind and sweet (most of the time) and the best Logan I know.

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