Saturday, September 28, 2013


For so long I have wanted Logan to have a sibling. I wanted another child for myself of course, but I wanted a sibling for Logan more than anything. Sure, I wish they weren't 6 years apart, but the love between them is incredible. Benjamin lights up when he sees Logan, follows him across the room, stops what he is doing to look at Logan. It is amazing. Logan has to kiss him multiple times a day, asks to hold him all the time, talks and sings to him, anticipates his needs, and even tells me what is wrong with him (and is often right). There has been no jealousy whatsoever as I was worried about (see this post) and Logan loves him more than life itself. I still worry about it when Benjamin is crying and interrupts our bedtime story reading time or cuts into an activity I am doing with Logan, but he doesn't seem bothered in the least. He is the best big brother and my biggest helper.

We are getting family pictures taken in October, which I can't wait for, but in the meantime, I shot some impromptu pictures myself the other day and, although it took quite a bit of effort and patience, I got a couple good ones (and SEVERAL outtakes due to a constantly moving and therefore blurry infant).

Love Logan's smile, wish he wasn't blurry

Love the laughter, but B was wiggly!

There it is :)

This one just cracks me up...we ended on this note. Benjamin screaming and Logan looking exasperated
Here are a few more that I have snapped...Logan always wants to take pictures with Benjamin and I am always happy to oblige. There are MANY more on my phone but I haven't loaded those onto the computer yet.

Looking in the mirror

Bath time

1 week old

Always giving kisses

Tummy time :)

Benjamin at 4 weeks wearing one of Logan's old outfits

This one makes me laugh!

I love that Logan is absolutely beaming
Silly brother!

I am so blessed with my 2 boys. It has been a huge change for our family and I miss my glorious full nights of sleep but Benjamin has brought so much joy to our family. I am not sure I can say our family is complete yet but it is so much fun with the two of them now. I can't wait to see their relationship with each other grow--they already have an amazing bond that just makes my heart skip a beat. 

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