Thursday, February 10, 2011

See No Evil??

While playing in Logan's room today he decided to get up on his top bunk (that we just put together) and threw a toy off the top. I told him he wasn't allowed to throw toys from the top bunk or the ladder would come down.

L: What about books?
Me: You can't throw books off the top either.
L: Can I just drop them?
Me: No.
L: *proceeds to climb back up to the top with the same toy from earlier* Mommy, can you go away?
Me: No.
L: Can you just leave for a minute? I don't want you to look.
Me: No, sir.
L:*he sets the toy of the very edge of the bed and slightly bumps it as he's getting down* Oops, it accidentally fell off, Mommy. I hit it.
Me: If it "accidentally" falls off the top again, the ladder is going away. Understand?
L: Yes, ma'am.

That was so not an accident. The little toot just wanted to drop it off the top again. I find it hilarious that he thinks just because I don't "see" it happen means he won't get in trouble for it. Sometimes I am smarter than him...sometimes.

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