Monday, February 14, 2011

Gym=Happy Place???

I feel like I say the same thing every year...I need to get in shape. I know I will never be the size 2 I was in high school (yet I still thought I was fat) but I've got to do something. I have recently talked with some girls about meeting up to walk or run (don't laugh...okay go ahead, I did) together so we can get out of the house, with or without the kids, depending on when we go. That's all well and good and I am super excited about getting together and being able to have adult conversations again but there are some days/nights/weeks that it won't happen for one reason or another and staying home now I have found that I NEED a reason to leave the house sometimes. And being on the tight budget we are on, I can't just go to Target and shop mindlessly like I used to (although I shouldn't have then either).

I keep hearing other SAHM's talk about how the gym is their happy hour, their escape, and it sounds SO nice. Now, I have joined a gym before and never kept up with it but it was when I was working full time and Logan was just over a year old and HATED going to the child care there (and the child care workers weren't awesome either but that's another story) so it made it really hard to find time to go. Not to mention it was one of the huge gyms and I felt so intimidated by everyone else and all the big machines I didn't know how to use.

So...there's a gym down the street that is small and has super cheap rates and group classes and nice equipment and everything. I am considering joining just to have an escape from the house that is actually healthy. I am only hesitant because I know me and, although this is something I want to stick with, I seem to always find excuses to stop going. I hate that about me. Maybe now that I am home all the time I will stick with it just so I can have some time without kids crawling all over me. As much as I love it, boy is it nice to have some space and peace and quiet and not have your clothes/hair/hand/leg yanked constantly.

The other problem is if I join I am going to have to finally figure out how to upload/download/whatever music to my phone and figure out how to use the Ipod thing that is supposedly already in my phone. Yes, I am clueless. Some of you will have to share your playlists (can you do that?) with me so I will have some sort of idea where to start. Wish me luck!

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