Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back...almost 4 months later. We just got busy and so many times I think that what I have to say isn't going to be that funny or important to anyone else so I talk myself out of blogging about it. I need to not worry about that and just post it for memories sake if for no other reason.

I've officially been a SAHM for 6 months now and I am loving it. I always knew I would love it but I was so worried about the financial aspect of it that I was letting that ruin my excitement. But it has worked out great, somehow the money has always appeared when we needed it. Chris has been working his butt off on every side job he can get and my part-time work at the MDO has helped a little, too. It's amazing that this time last year we were pulling in 2 decent incomes but had little to no savings to speak of and now we're down to 1 income AND we have savings. It just goes to show you how much Dave Ramsey and FPU has helped us. We now know exactly where our money goes and we are much more careful with how/where we are spending our money. I am glad we know this now and I am able to stay home because of it but I wish we had known all of this earlier.

Luckily, another blessing has come into our lives (no, I am not pregnant). I will begin watching a little boy who is almost a year old starting next week. To do this I had to quit my job at the MDO but it will bring in double what I was making there (although the hours are MUCH longer), which will take a load off of Chris since we won't have to rely on his side work so much. We will be able to breathe some and save more. Logan will still go to MDO 2 days a week, which I think will be good for him to not have me there. He has actually asked me before why I can't just drop him off and leave like the other mommies do. So now we just have to see how that goes when that actually happens.

On the pregnancy front, no news yet but I haven't been back to the fertility doctor since June. We just didn't want to spend the money when finances were already going to be tight. I've been trying to relax and not think about it as much but I'm getting antsy again. After we save some more money I may go back to the fertility doctor and see what the next step is, but in the meantime I will just continue to enjoy my time with Logan and maybe this new little boy I'll be watching will fill the void temporarily (Chris highly doubts that).

As for New Year's Resolutions, I am just going to list some things that I would *like* to happen rather than resolving to make them happen because some of those things are out of my control:

1) Build our savings
2) Lose some weight/actually use the treadmill sitting in our bedroom
3) Get pregnant/figure out what the problem is
4) Go on more dates with Chris
5) Spend more time with girl friends
6) Blog more/record more of Logan's funniness (his baby book is feeling quite abandoned) and try to add pictures to the blog (would REALLY like a new blog design *cough* *cough* Tarah Hoover) :)
7) Get all of Logan's pictures and videos on CD/DVD (no more scares about losing EVERYTHING)
8) Still looking for a church to go to regularly and get Logan involved with (we went to several this past year but none of them *felt* right)

So, that's my list and I'm sticking to it (or I am going to try). Happy New Year! Here's some pictures of how much Logan has grown since his 1st Christmas! I'm figuring it out slowly. :)

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2010

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