Saturday, January 15, 2011

Desperate Times

As I am typing this I am waiting for my parsley tea to steep. Doesn't sound too appetizing, huh? We shall see. It doesn't really matter if it's appetizing or not. It's either that or prescription drugs to induce a cycle so we can start "trying" again. Supposedly, drinking parsley tea at least 3 times a day for up to 4 days can induce a cycle. If it works, then I can move on to my next crazy attempt--Maximum Strength Estroven. It is supposed to work like Clomid (you know, only without the multiple doctor visits and $200 sonograms) so you only have to take it for a few days early in your cycle. I also have lemon water made up and ready to drink (at room temp or warm) throughout the day. The vitamin C in the lemon and antioxidants are somehow helpful in fertility. It's crazy how much information is out there and I am willing to just about try anything. Everyone around me is pregnant with their 2nd or 3rd child and then there's me. I hate being so bitter and desperate, but it's really hard to want something so bad and nothing you do works. If I could be pregnant by Logan's 4th birthday I would be beside myself, but I am pretty sure I have said that at every one of his birthdays or major holidays, to no avail. I am trying to be patient and just let it happen, but when your body isn't 'regular' on it's own, it's hard because I could wait 80 days with nothing happening if I let it. I am taking charge this time. I hope. Now it's time for some parsley tea and warm lemon water. Yum.

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