Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

I am really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. The breaks are awesome, but they make going back really hard. I have loved sleeping in with Logan, getting stuff done around the house, playing with Logan (at least not being too tired to do so), and having family over several nights--which doesn't happen when I am working.

Going back to work also means I am supposed to start Resolution #2--walking on the dang treadmill 5 days/week. Ugh. I know I need to do it. Part of going back to work means finding things to wear and I hate (HATE) the way clothes fit right now and how horrible I look in them. So, I bought new tennis shoes yesterday with the purpose of using them starting Monday morning. I'm gonna do this...

So now I have to try to stretch this last day of my break out as long as I can and then start the countdown to Spring Break (mid-March). After Spring Break is TAKS month (April), which goes pretty fast and then May is here and that is usually very relaxed (since TAKS is over) and then SUMMER! So, we're on the downhill slope. Sad, huh?

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