Monday, January 11, 2010

30 minute increments

That's how my weekend was spent--30 minute increments. Well, we gradually worked up to hour increments, but still, that takes a toll on a weekend when most of your time is spent in a bathroom (with a 2 year old, people). But things are going great! Logan stays dry all day, except the pooping thing, but even naps are dry. He goes potty every time the timer goes off, which is now every hour. That 30 minute thing was a beating. By the time we got off the potty it seemed like it was time to go back. At least now he is able to produce. He got Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on Saturday for filling up his potty chart and is now working toward earning Up, which I am sure he'll have in the next couple days.

I have tomorrow off to see about Logan's gray tooth. He fell on Christmas night and hit the coffee table. All looked okay, barely any blood, so I thought he was fine despite the horrific sound it made when he actually hit the coffee table. A couple days later I noticed some bruising on his gums, but the kid was biting into a whole apple with no trouble, so again, I thought we were in the clear. A week or so later I noticed him not wanting to chew with his front teeth and started noticing some discoloration. So, yeah, the tooth is probably dying. Guess we ought to go see about that. This is the same tooth he has chipped and fallen on before, so obviously Logan and this tooth were not meant to be.

We also will be going to my doctor tomorrow, which is always fun. I have taken Logan with me before and he does great except for all the questions--

"Mommy, why are your pants off?"
"Put your shoes on."
"Mommy, where's your penis?"
"Where's the doctor?"
"What's that?"

Fun stuff. Starting month 4 of meds and I'm sure he'll suggest injections, but I am just not going to pay out of pocket for injections. I'll keep doing what we've been doing, but I am not going to take us to the poor house to have another baby. I've been blessed once, I don't need to push it. It will happen if it is meant to. Kind of sucks that I am at that point, but I know how lucky I am to have one child. Sure, I would LOVE to have another one and I don't even want to think about never being pregnant again, so I am choosing to stay positive and have faith that whatever will be will be.

I will update tomorrow. I am sure there will be some stories to tell from his dentist visit and my doctor visit. Wish me luck.

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