Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favorites/Wish List Continued

To add to my "wish list" from last week (I don't ask for much, but apparently when I do, I go big):

I would LOVE a DSLR camera. I know they are expensive, but sometimes you can find a decent sale or even a used one if someone decided to upgrade. I take all the pictures in the family and a couple of years ago my dad got me a great Nikon camera, just one step down from a DSLR and it has been great. Well, it was great until I went on a horrible "dolphin-watching" (we saw no dolphins) boat tour in Port Aransas last summer (2012) and I got tricked into getting soaked, camera in hand. It still takes pictures, but doesn't work *quite right*. The flash doesn't work consistently and it does some weird clicky thing occasionally when I try to snap a picture, typically when using the zoom. I am sure it could be fixed, but I haven't priced that yet and I am not sure it would be worth the price. I have just used it as it is, but I know it's not right. Makes me sad.

Now that I have an iPhone again (yay!) I would love iTunes gift cards. I never buy apps that cost money and I certainly don't download music but there are a couple of times where I wish I would let myself splurge. Specifically, I would love to download a couple songs/albums that I have heard in church that I love. And on that note, in my new car (ha) I need an iPhone connector (??) so you can play your music through the speakers (that is a thing, right?). I am so tech savvy. Obviously.

Now, onto some favorites:

Seriously. How cute are these diapers? Nevermind the fact that I have a huge box of diapers at home that I got on clearance. I HAD to buy these. How could I not? He won't be wearing them until after Thanksgiving, though. I have rules.

I went to see Hunger Games Catching Fire with some girlfriends from preschool/church last night and it was SO good. Now I am impatiently waiting for the 3rd one. Ugh.

I am in love with our Keurig. My Nana gave it to us for an early Christmas present and it gets used every single day. I should add K-cups to my wish list (chai latte, coffee, hot chocolate) because we are flying through them.

I am loving Logan in karate. I mentioned in a previous post that he had tried it and we signed up for a trial month. He's been twice more now and he seems to really like it. He is catching on and excited to go and it gives him a great outlet and some structure/activity to our afternoons. And he's adorable doing the kicks and grinning the whole time.

The baby teachers at my preschool had these made for the babies for Thanksgiving. I LOVE it. So sweet. I am so glad that Benjamin came along to buy me more time to stay home and continue to work there. 

Have a great weekend everyone (all 5 of you that read this)!

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