Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites

I rarely have anything that I just really want for Christmas (or birthday or anything). And these things aren't even things I expect for Christmas, but I am just throwing them out there while they are on my mind. Some aren't even for me, just things I would like or that I have come across that I love.

1. A new, to me, car

Yep, I'm there. The second kid sealed the deal. We took a one-night (ONE NIGHT) trip and our trunk was at max capacity with just the one suitcase, a stroller, and the rock n' play. My Passat has lasted us 10 good years, but I am not wanting to put more money into it when we really just need to move up in size. I am not talking a brand new something, I am perfectly fine (and actually prefer) something used that we could get with our trade-in and a little cash. I'm not even stuck on a minivan, just something bigger with more space. I can't even do a big trip to Costco anymore (I know, first world problems).

2. A GOOD housecleaning:

I know, I ask for this almost every chance I get. And really, if I just had the time and energy (and motivation), I wouldn't mind doing it myself, but Benjamin doesn't really like to be put down for long stretches of time and we all know how his sleeping is, so the chances of me doing it right just aren't good.

3. New clothes--I lost all my pregnancy weight and then some (believe me, I wasn't doing anything to make this happen) so my clothes situation isn't pretty. I have bought a few things here and there but I still don't have that many options...even the 2 pair of jeans I bought a month ago are a little big now. I know, a good problem to have, but not when you really don't have the money to spend. And I would love a pair of the riding boots that are in right now, but my big old calves may prevent that from happening...

4. And for the kids: I love these name pillows from The Chocolate Zebra. Not for me, but for the boys, or any kid really. I think they are adorable.

Or these. I mean, really.

AND these: 

Rob the Robot LegwarmersMonsters Legwarmers

For Logan, since he is getting into reading and loving comic books right now:

And for Benjamin, since he is drooling/chewing everything:


So, there you have it. That's what's on my mind/list right now.

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