Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Too Shall Pass...All Too Quickly

I had to remind myself of that today. I got Benjamin to sleep, he hasn't been feeling great much like myself so he has been a bit more clingy (if that's possible). I put him in his swing and, of course, he woke up. I started to get frustrated but then I realized, what else do I really need to do? I don't feel great, so why can't I just hold him and rest myself? There will be times when I need to put him down, but today is not one of them. The house/laundry/shower can wait. As soon as I picked him back up, he went right back to sleep. This won't last forever. He's already getting so big and doing more and more, soon he won't want all the snuggle time. So, for now, we sit and cuddle. 

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