Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bloodwork and 1st Sonogram!

I got my blood results back the following Monday (Oct. 29). The nurse said the numbers were great and consistent with early pregnancy. 

HCG-- 2300+ (don't remember the exact number)

She scheduled me for my first sonogram on Nov. 5th. A whole week away. It seemed like an eternity, but when I found out I was pregnant with Logan I didn't have bloodwork done or a sonogram until over a month later, so a week wasn't so bad in the grand scheme of things. Just seemed like it at the time.

So that week my extreme fatigue and hunger continued but so did the worrying. My boobs stopped hurting and I wasn't feeling nauseous, so of course I worried something was wrong. 

That weekend some girlfriends and I went to my aunt's house for a Pinterest party and I couldn't wait to break the news to her and a few of the other girls that didn't know yet. My friend, Brittaney, made a cake with a blue layer and pink layer for us to eat for dessert, hoping my aunt would get the hint and realize what it meant...well, she eventually got the hint, but she just thought the cake was "so pretty." 

Of course, she was SO excited when she realized and I was so relieved to not be holding onto the secret any longer.

Well, even though we were super busy crafting that weekend, my anxieties still got the best of me Friday night. I think I was overly tired from a full day shopping in Canton and I had a meltdown about being scared to lose the baby. It is a very real fear, but I have not had previous losses, so it isn't like I had experienced it before. I calmed down eventually and slept like a baby that night but the next day a couple of the girls were going into town so I asked them to grab me a pregnancy test. Just to make myself feel better.

Thank heavens it was still positive. It would have ruined everyone's weekend if it hadn't been.

I was more ready than ever for the sonogram Monday morning. Hopefully that would ease my fears.

My appointment was at 10:30. Logan was at school and Chris met me there. I was an anxious mess. I already get anxious at the doctor but this was even worse. Of course, my blood pressure was sky high but I knew it was because of the excitement/anxiety.

The sonogram went well. We saw the baby and heard the heartbeat (126 bpm) but it was still very early. And there were 2 sacs. Yes, 2. The doctor didn't act like it was anything to get excited about. It would probably vanish/dissolve. He didn't even look at that sac for measurements but it still kind of freaks me out. We did more bloodwork and scheduled another sonogram for Nov. 19 so he could see the baby a little bit bigger. 

Bloodwork came back at over 26,000 for the HCG this time so it was doubling appropriately.

We told Logan after the sonogram that there was going to be another baby. He was excited but also worried that I would die. His exact words: "I think they are going to cut your belly open and pull it back and get the baby out and you will die." Then he got sad and hid under a pillow until Chris and I reassured him that it would all be okay. My sweet boy.

We got him a Big Brother shirt and told Chris' family at their Thanksgiving lunch and then announced it on Facebook shortly thereafter.

I know it is still early and things could still go wrong, but I have always thought that if something did happen I would rather have people to lean on/hug/cry with than keep it all to myself.    

Now I am anxiously awaiting the 19th so I can see if there are 1 or 2 babies! That would be crazy! 

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