Tuesday, November 20, 2012

8 Weeks 5 days!

I am so excited I finally get to do one of these weekly/monthly questionnaires! It is a great way to keep track of everything going on with the pregnancy and I didn't do anything like this with Logan.

How far along?  8 weeks, 6 days (according to yesterday's doctor appointment)
How big is baby? 2.09 cm or 3/4 of an inch (about the size of a kidney bean)

Total weight gain/loss? So far, none (which completely surprises me. I feel like I do nothing but eat)
Maternity clothes?  No, although I do prefer stretchy pants of any kind. I DID wear maternity jeans yesterday just for comfort but they were still a bit big.
Stretch marks? None yet (unless you count the ones I still have from Logan)
Sleep? All the time.
Best moment last week? Finally telling all of our family and friends
Movement? Not yet.
Food cravings?  Ramen Noodle Soup, Chocolate Pie, potato salad, baked potatoes, Sweettarts, apples
Food Aversions? Meat, casseroles of any kind
Gender? No clue yet. :( Impatiently waiting!
Labor signs? None
Pregnancy symptoms? Nauseous off and on, tired, lots of burping, irritable, emotional
Belly button in/out? In
What I miss: Having at least a little energy. And food tasting good.
What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving with family on Thursday
Milestones: 2nd ultrasound yesterday--we were able to confirm dates/due dates, etc. Even saw a little movement from the baby and the heartbeat was strong--176 bpm
Bump picture: no bump yet...just enough bloating to make my pants uncomfortable

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