Monday, April 25, 2011


So I went to OB/GYN Thursday for my day 3 sono and all looked fine. Even my blood pressure didn't skyrocket (partially b/c I thought I was just there for a sono and knew they wouldn't be examining me) terribly high! After the sono I met with the doctor because he wanted to make sure we were on the same page, treatment wise. He prescribed Clomid and wanted to do some injections as well, he even asked if I remembered how much they were last time I did them (over a year ago). I couldn't remember but I didn't *think* they were that bad so the nurse called the pharmacy and checked. $305!!! For 3 shots! And of course, my insurance won't cover a darn thing (they want prior authorization, which takes 2-5 days that we didn't have, and they probably would have denied it anyway). Dr. Wai overheard the cost and knew our financial situation (and knew that I could save that money for an IUI if this round of Clomid doesn't work) and just doubled my Clomid dosage and said we might use the trigger shot I already have at the day 14 sono if I have a good follicle. So, we'll see. I know I am not doing all I could do since I am not doing the injections, but they didn't work last time, so I know I can just save that money to put towards the IUI that has a better shot anyway. I love the fact that Dr. Wai and his office staff didn't make me feel bad for not wanting to pay $305 for the injections. He is a great doctor and I love his nurses as well. This was proven to me even more over the weekend when my best friend had her baby and she said he was awesome (which was a different experience from her 1st birth with our old doctor that we both went to).

So, here's to hoping/praying this works by some miracle of God. I go back on May 2nd. Hope the Clomid is nice to everyone in the meantime. :)

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