Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ladies Man

The other day I picked Logan up from MDO and a little girl came out of the classroom next to his to tell him good-bye...she's not even in his class. He kind of grinned and said bye and I asked him who it was (he told me, I just can't remember her name).

Me: Is that your girlfriend?
L: Yes.
Me: I thought Emery and Andie were your girlfriends?
L: They are.
Me: Well, how many girlfriends do you have?
L: I think maybe 4.
Me: Really? Wow. You are quite the ladies' man.
L: Yeah. Cash is a ladies' man, too. We're both ladies' mans.


Then yesterday we were at a friends' house painting Easter pictures and he made 2 extra pictures for 2 of his girlfriends, Emery and Andie. We had to take them to school today so he could put them in their cubbies. I am in so much trouble...

Logan and Uncle Ryan (his Ladies' Man mentor)

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  1. He told me last night that if Emery came to the his house she would marry him.