Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smart Boy

Tonight at bedtime Chris was reading Logan some books and one of the books had the life cycle of the caterpillar/butterfly in it. When Logan saw the caterpillar he continued to tell Chris the life cycle and then came out to tell me. When he told me, I assumed they already read about it and that was how he knew. Apparently not. Chris said he hadn't even read that part yet. That boy amazes me.

Logan: "That's a caterpillar and it becomes a butterfly. It goes into a 'raccoon' and stays for 5 days and then becomes a butterfly!"

He also went to Fort Worth Nature Center with Heather and T-Luv today and said he wished he had a magnifying glass so he could see things bigger. How does he know this stuff?? All those Scooby Doo mysteries, I suppose. Of course, T-Luv bought him one at the gift shop. :)

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