Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Baseball Boy

 Logan started t-ball a couple weeks ago and it's so fun (and a little sad) to see that he is no longer my baby, my toddler, but he is an actual little boy. He is all about chasing the ball, playing in the dirt, riding his bike, and looking for bugs (he's fascinated with them, but won't dare touch them). He is now a BOY. While I absolutely love this stage and all the discoveries and imaginative stories that come with it, it saddens me to see how fast he is growing. He loves t-ball, though. His first practice was on March 10th and it was with the Hot Rods, a team we are no longer with due to the horrific first impression we got of the league at the Team Mom meeting. Luckily, Uncle Ryan was able to pull some strings and get him on a team in Euless, a much more laid back, enjoyable t-ball experience. He is now a part of the Lugnuts. He loved practice and did great at hitting and fielding the ball. He was one of the few that actually seemed to pay attention and listen to the coach. He did so great and was having so much fun that I even caught myself getting a little teary-eyed at his practice. Silly, I know, but it's the little things like that that always get me. From now on, it's going to be practices and games and parties, not Gymboree and tummy time. He is such a fun, energetic, imaginative little boy. I look forward to seeing him grow...just not so fast.
Listening to the coach
Look at that swing!

Running the bases

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