Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Logan Funnies

Logan is becoming quite the character these days. He is in swimming lessons and loving them (except for when he has to float on his back--NOT a fan). He is getting a little too brave, though, if you ask me. He will jump off the edge, whether you're standing there or not. This morning he moved to another part of the ledge from where I was in the pool and started to jump in...luckily I was still close enough to reach and grab him, but jeez! He also thinks it's quite fun to jump in backwards. I mean, I am glad he's not freaking out about the water like last year, but isn't there some middle ground? He is getting the hang of it, though. He will kick his feet and splash his hands, blow bubbles in the water, let me take him underwater and go down a small water slide.

He is loving the books and brings me several to read every day. He takes at least 3 books to bed with him every night to read to his "babies" (stuffed animals). When he is done, he slams the book shut and announces "The End."

He has been counting a lot lately, like everything he sees. But the weird thing is he starts with number 5. I guess 1-4 are too easy for him? Not really, I think he just starts at 5 for some reason. But he will count from 5 to 13 by himself, which I think is pretty impressive.

He's so fun to be around. He is super friendly, too. He says hi to everyone. Even today we were at Chick-Fil-A and there was an elderly man sitting in the booth behind us. He started talking to us because Logan was making silly faces (go figure). Logan started making silly faces with the man and copying his faces and before we left Logan went right over there and gave him a hug. Sweet in some ways, scary in another that he is so friendly.

At naptime, he fights it so hard! Today he played for well over an hour in his bed before I finally went in there to get him to calm down. He had stripped his bed and thrown everything (including the fitted sheet) onto the floor. I fixed it and told him to go to sleep. Twenty minutes later he's quiet and I peek in there and sure enough, he's out like a light, but again the bed is stripped. Why would he want to sleep on a plastic mattress? Speaking of which, he's up already (short nap today, I guess) and screaming "Mommy!" By the way, when he does this he cups his hands around his does he know to do that?? He wears me out!