Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Loose Tooth & 6 Year Checkup

Logan has had a loose tooth (bottom middle right) for a couple months now. He refused to let us pull it. Or even mess with it. It was so loose that it would almost lay flat when he pulled it forward but he wouldn't dare pull it, for fear it would hurt. But it needed to come out--the permanent tooth was already coming in behind it!

The day after his 6th birthday, it finally fell out, just not how we intended. Jacob fell on top of him and knocked it out...and then Chris couldn't find it. Anywhere. He combed the carpet, knowing that it was Logan's first tooth and he had a 7 month pregnant, hormonal wife. No luck. We are assuming he swallowed it.

Logan was very concerned about the Tooth Fairy not coming since he didn't have the actual tooth, so he wrote her a note:

I love that "tooth" is "TOF" and his sweet little heart.

Of course she came and left him 2 whole dollars! He told me that he thought "the tooth fairy was so nice because she left him $2 even though she didn't get to take his tooth."

Hopefully the next tooth won't be so traumatic and we will actually be able to keep it.


The following Monday he had his 6 year checkup--no shots or blood drawn or anything, so he was a happy camper. We found out he is healthy (duh) and we really don't have to go back for 2 years if we don't want to (other than for sick visits--which are few and far between with him anyway). 

Height: 45" (30%)
Weight: 43 lbs. (30%)

Perfectly proportionate, just on the scrawny side. I always thought he was so tall, guess I was wrong...

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