Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He Has A Name...and Bedding!

This past weekend was a productive one for me. I went into super-nesting mode on Saturday with tons of energy, but since the nursery is still a mess (I have to wait for Chris to be home to help move furniture, etc.) I couldn't do anything in there. Logan and I had to run a couple errands and then I got busy once we got back home. 

BUT, while we were out Logan felt the baby kick for the first time (March 2nd). He had tried before but never had any luck. We were eating lunch and the baby always enjoys getting food so he was kicking up a storm. Logan was so excited to feel it and said "Now I have some good news to tell my class!" It was so cute.

We also settled on a name while we were out. I will randomly ask Logan what he thinks the baby should be named, and since we shot him down several times on Scooby and Logan the 2nd, he has since stuck with Ben (I think because he is on a Ben 10 kick right now--a TV show). It has always been in the back of my head (I prefer Benjamin, but I know he will be called Ben) and Logan just keeps confirming it. So there it is. Benjamin Anthony. It feels really real now. 

Back to my busy day. We came home and I put together an artwork file box for Logan since we seem to be accumulating ALOT of art/paperwork/report cards/writing samples these days. You can see it here at my other blog. It felt good to get that done and it was easy...I am just glad I did it now instead of doing it a few years down the road. That would have been overwhelming.

After I got that done, I did dishes and then decided the floor needed mopping (which I hate and NEVER do--it's almost embarrassing how infrequently it gets done). 

But that still wasn't enough. We had a tub of baby clothes from the attic that I had saved from Logan that was just sitting in the corner of the kitchen, annoying me. I sorted and washed those and then hung everything (including a couple new outfits) according to size in the nursery closet. It felt really good. Until I looked at the rest of the closet or the actual room. They are killing me right now.

To say I was exhausted at the end of the day is an understatement but it felt good to be productive.

I also bought his crib bedding today. It was on sale at Target and I had a coupon, so I got it for $20 off the regular price. I came home and washed it immediately, but it hasn't made it onto the crib yet.

I love it. It's the colors I wanted and no baby characters or bears or anything. Can't wait to get started on the rest (have I mentioned that I am painting the dresser/changing table orange??!).

BTW, I am 24 weeks today! Does that count as 6 months? I went to the doctor this past Monday and gained back the 2 pounds I had lost (like I thought) but that was all. I am sitting at 10 pounds right now and everything looks good. I was measuring at 23 weeks, which is good because at the last visit he said I was measuring a bit small (he didn't tell me the number).

So, that's my update. Feeling good (most days) and wanting to get ready for this baby! Spring Break is coming up for all of us (Chris included, even though it is a week after Logan's) so hopefully the nursery will get painted and everything will start coming together!

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