Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Year in Pictures~Logan 2012

I am already doing better than last year, it's only February of 2013 and I am getting this done! All my recent posts have been about the new baby and I don't want to leave out my first baby. I love looking back at these pictures (and there are SOOO many more I am leaving out) and seeing how much he has grown over the year. See 2010 here and 2011 here.

January 2012~Heard Museum

February 2012~Dinosaur World, Glen Rose, TX

March 2012~"Tire Swing Park" with cousin, Lillie

April 2012~Bluebonnet pics at Daddy's work

May 2012~Preschool Graduation

June 2012~Lowe's workshop with Daddy


 July 2012~4th of July

 August 2012~Dallas Zoo

September 2012~Headed to the Ranger's game with Daddy

October 2012~Enchanted Rock State Park

November 2012~What happens when Logan gets a hold of my camera

December 2012~Picture with Santa at church

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