Monday, October 10, 2011

Logan's 1st Soccer Game

Logan started his first season of soccer this past weekend and I am SO glad that this league waited until October to start the season. The weather is so much nicer and it finally feels good to be outside.

His team is made up of kids from ages 3-6, so there's a wide range of skills (or lack thereof) out on the field. It really is hilarious to watch the kids run around on the field, both coaches running with them, and the referee blowing the whistle and having to remind the kids to freeze when they hear it. The ball gets kicked out of bounds ALOT so there's a lot of whistle blowing and discussion of who has had a turn to throw the ball back in already. Not many goals were scored and one was scored in the wrong goal (by our team). It really was just a big cluster of kids running around chasing one ball and not really knowing what to do with it when they got it. Logan stayed with the group but was always bringing up the rear, not really in the middle of the group, just kind of running up and down the field, following the cluster of kids and staying out of the action. He did just enough to pass as participating, I think. He looked good on the field, but he just didn't do much. I am sure he will get better as the season goes on. He had a blast and didn't get upset when he didn't get the ball (like he did with t-ball).

And now, here's a ton of pictures (and this is only about half of what I took and my dad took some with his camera as well...can you tell Logan is the only child in my family???).

Getting ready to go to his first game with the Tornadoes!

In line to do some practice kicks

Nice kick!

Standing with some teammates as Coach Amanda talks with the referee.

Getting into the game. He's number 2.

See? He brings up the rear. His other teammates aren't even in the shot, they're so far ahead. Bless his heart, he thinks he's fast. He's like his daddy that way. :-)

Water Break!

Waiting to be called back into the game.

Lining up to high five the other team.

Good game, good game, good game!

Logan's favorite part of any team sport--snack time!

Happy boy!

The Tornadoes (or Radioactive Watermelons per the hideous shirt color) won 2-1, although they really weren't supposed to be keeping score. The other team only have a point because our team scored in their goal on accident. I think I laughed the entire game. Soccer typically isn't entertaining to watch, but it's pretty funny at this age!

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