Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ice-cation 2013

Last week we were hit with a huge ice storm. We were house-bound from Thursday night until Tuesday. Well, we got out a couple times starting Sunday but Logan was out of school Friday, Monday, AND Tuesday. Yeah. Luckily, Chris was off work the whole time except Tuesday so I had help entertaining both the boys.

The fun started Thursday afternoon:

This one started sitting up with very little assistance. 

Daddy came home.

Sweet brothers played.

Friday we woke up to ALOT of ice. Logan was pumped. He did some sledding and learned to FaceTime with his BFF, Reagan.

Benjamin and I stayed inside for the most part but we had to come see Logan sled a little.

Benjamin did enjoy a little Baby Einstein, too.

That night Logan and Chris worked on their annual gingerbread house. It turned out great, Logan gets better every year, but Chris is a bit of a perfectionist. :)

Saturday brought more ice and more sledding. Chris was great to have around, he and Logan had a blast together.

Logan loved exploring outside and finding huge icicles and "ice leaves." He made Chris send this picture to Reagan to show her. She sent us one later.

I love the way these two love each other.

Benjamin had fun in the bath that night (as always). 

Sunday, church was cancelled so we watched it online and then ventured out for lunch. It was so nice to get out, even if only for an hour or so.

Logan decorated our front door with some window clings from his elf, Buddy.

We also made some sugar cookie dough but didn't get around to making them that day. 

Monday Buddy brought him some stickers so Logan made a picture and dictated a story to me. I love his creativity.

And this is how he ran around the house:

He played great this whole weekend and surprisingly wasn't on "screens" all that much. He played in his playroom, "fixed" things around the house with his Scooby Doo toolbox, and lots of singing/talking to Benjamin. Benjamin worked hard on sitting up some more and rolling everywhere.

Chris went back to work Tuesday so Logan, Benjamin, and I headed to the mall to adopt our annual angel. Every year Logan picks our angel (he always picks a boy his age if possible) and we shop for just that angel that day. This year we got him a jacket, 2 shirts, underwear, socks, and some Skylander mega-block things. I really hope Logan enjoys it as much as I do and understands the meaning of it all--I try to explain it as best I can. T-Luv met up with us and took us to lunch, too!

We came home and he drew a wonderful picture to add to our ever-growing Christmas art gallery (on our fireplace surround).

And finally, while Ben was napping, we got a chance to make our sugar cookies. He loved using the cookie cutters and making the icing different colors by mixing the food coloring. Neither of us are destined to be decorators, though...

That night we went to the Keller Holly Days, but only stayed for the parade because it was COLD and also a school night (finally!). 

I enjoyed all of our family time this weekend and loved that Chris was home for most of it. I know the boys loved it, too. But man, I was glad to drop him off at school this morning. 

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