Thursday, December 1, 2011

Buddy Breakfast

Buddy the Elf came back to visit, but this year he showed up with Logan's favorite breakfast treats, white donuts and chocolate milk straight from the North Pole.

He made a little mess with the chocolate milk and there was powdered sugar scattered about. When I was cleaning it up, Logan told me not to be mean to Buddy, that it was an accident. I guess I didn't know I was being mean...Buddy also left platters covered in powdered sugar in the kitchen from when he was finding all the Christmas table decor. Logan says he made the donuts here last night--how did we not hear this racket??

Mid-bite he realized where Buddy was. I love that I caught this look!

Silly Buddy!

Donut lips!

After breakfast, we went to his room to get dressed for school and realized Buddy left a gift for him under his tree.

Woohoo! A new hot wheel! Hot off the presses at the North Pole.

Buddy also left a note this year, telling Logan to be kind to others and try not to be greedy, even though it is hard this time of year. We have really been working on that and several of the activities on our Advent calendar have to do with doing something/making something/buying something for others. Hopefully Buddy's note will help him remember as well.

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  1. Cute! Glad he had a good morning!