Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Plans

3 more days of school and I'm done for the foreseeable future...both exciting and nerve-wracking! I'm trying to make plans for the summer--SeaWorld is first, we're leaving this weekend to go since my aunt will be moving soon and we can stay at her house in SA for free. I need to look up all the library story times and we will for sure hit up all the sprinkler parks quite frequently. Summer will be harder on a budget--in the past we haven't really had to worry about paying for the extra activities since we weren't paying for childcare over the summer, but this year we are having to budget, save, and pay off things so the extra money really isn't there. I'm debating about getting a Keller Pointe membership just for the summer so Logan and I (and Chris, when he's off) can use the pool as often as we want to instead of paying $17 every time we want to go. Logan is really into the water and points out the water park every day we drive by, so I think he would enjoy it, but would we get tired of going?

Logan is so excited for the summer. He keeps saying "we're getting ready to go to summer." He thinks summer is a place, I guess. We got him a little inflatable pool and he loves to splash around. He will be taking some swimming lessons this summer where I won't be in the water with him (phew!) so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

Summer plans as far as baby making are inconclusive. At my last visit (this past Friday), I had a large cyst on my left ovary (caused by the Clomid) so I can't do any treatment this month because it could cause the cyst to rupture or something like that. It's really expensive, the fertility doctor, so we kind of want to take some time off and enjoy the summer without having to worry about budgeting $500/month for treatment and dr. appointments. I think I'm going to try some herbal supplements and monitor my cycle using a friend's fertility monitor and see how that goes. And wine, lots of wine. :)

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